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The non-profit Mission 22 donates a high-tech anti-stress system to vets with PTSD.

Mission 22, a non-profit organization that provides treatment programs for post-traumatic stress disorder. and suicide awareness and prevention. has partnered with Solace Lifesciences to donate its 100th batch of NuCalm, high-tech stress relief technology, to veterans in need.

NuCalm is a neuroscience technology that aims to relieve stress through a disc that is placed on the inside of the left wrist on the Pericardium 6 acupressure point. The disc reportedly sends a signal to stimulate the brain’s natural relaxation system by blocking Your Adrenaline Response

Solace Lifesciences has donated nearly $500,000 worth of NuCalm to Mission 22 to veterans.

Mission 22 partners with organizations across the United States to raise awareness about the issue of veterans. Bringing Veterans Into Treatment Programs and create resources in their communities

A marine vet walks hundreds of miles. Raising awareness of the mental health of veterinarians

For many veterinarians, PTS doesn̵

7;t go away over time. It can ruin their lives for years, decades, and even their entire lives,” Green founder and former Beret Magnus Johnson said in a statement.

The 20 NuCalm discs sell for $80 and the 60-disc pack sells for $240.

“When the brain is injured Physiological and biochemical changes will occur that keep the person in a “fight or flight” state and stay alert. It is impossible to heal and recover in this condition. This enhances NuCalm’s ability to create deep relaxation. cell regeneration And recovery is essential to the healing process,” Solace Lifesciences President and CEO Jim Poole said in a statement.

“Within minutes, NuCalm easily stops responding to stress. without medication and on demand”

The Department of Veterans Affairs began actively tracking the number of veteran suicides per year in 2005, while the numbers for 2019 and 2020 have not been finalized. The total of 2005-2018 is over 80,000.

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since 2008 More than 6,000 veteran-related suicides per year, the agency reports.

by comparison Department of Defense injury report It shows that approximately 7,000 American soldiers have sacrificed their lives for their country since 2001.

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