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The number of unemployment claims has jumped to the highest weekly total since August.

Claims for the first unemployment insurance rose to 965,000 last week amid signs of slowing employment due to epidemic restrictions.

The total is worse than Wall Street estimates of 800,000 and is higher than the previous week’s total of 784,000.

Markets responded to little numbers as economic activity declines were expected to gain more boost from Washington, then-elected President Joe Biden Thursday later announced his hopes for another package. That exceed $ 1


Futures prices continue to indicate a slight rise on Wall Street.

However, the number of unemployed for the week ended Jan. 9 was another sign of economic turmoil caused by restrictions on activities aimed at combating the pandemic. The total is the highest since the week of Aug. 22, with more than 1 million filings.

Continuing claims were also higher, rising 199,000 to 5.27 million.The figure was running a week behind weekly claims and its first increase since late November.

The number of government beneficiaries is falling sharply despite the rising weekly numbers. That level fell to 18.4 million from 19.2 million the previous week. The data runs two weeks after the total amount of weekly claims. The reduction was largely due to petitions for an emergency outbreak of the epidemic claim, although it was still higher than the 2.18 million beneficiaries in the previous year.

The growing claims are spread across a handful of states, most of them with tighter restrictions on business.

Illinois, where Chicago limits restaurants, rose to 51,280, according to unmodified data. The other big beneficiary is California, which does not allow outdoor dining and sees a 20,587 increase in the number of claims, a 13% increase in New York, a 15,559 increase.

However, many states with relatively loose restrictions also saw clear profits. Florida had more than doubled its claims to 50,747, while Texas was up 14,282.

More recently, there were signs that events that started in May had cooled.

In December, nonfarm payrolls fell for the first time during a rebound from the low of the COVID market, with a 140,000 drop, while the unemployment rate stood at 6.7 percent.

The Federal Reserve said on Wednesday that business dealings across the central bank’s 12 districts reported declining employment and difficulties in filling out positions. Economists often view the 2021 economy as slow as the start. But then it gained momentum as the year progressed and the Covid-19 vaccine spread.

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