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The opening of a local bar in rural Illinois has been linked to at least 46 people with COVID, the CDC said.

Residents take the COVID-19 test at Pritzker College Prep High School in the Hermosa neighborhood on November 30, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.

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The opening of a local bar in rural Illinois in early February was linked to at least 46 people with the new coronavirus and school closures affecting 650 children, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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7;s per capita cases have more than doubled as a result of the bar opening, the CDC said earlier.The county event had an average of 42 cases per 100,000 people over seven days. The cases averaged more than double in the 14 days after launch, the CDC said.

The case, highlighted in research published Monday, provides further evidence of how weddings and gatherings at restaurants and nightclubs have the potential to become a hugely spread event for Covid-19.

Following a routine investigation of the cases, local health officials identified a group of cases linked to a number of people opening an indoor bar, including one participant diagnosed with COVID-19 who did not. Symptoms the other day and still goes That night, four people also experienced the symptoms and also detected the virus positive.

“The findings show that opening settings such as tabs, where masking and spacing is challenging, can increase the risk of community transmission.

One bar participant, who later tested positive, identified 26 close contacts while attending school for indoor sports practice or self-teaching. Two student athletes also tested positive, forcing local officials to close the school district after more than a dozen staff were exposed.

Another bar participant worked in a long-term care facility where staff and two residents were identified as positive days after the incident. At least one resident was hospitalized before being released on the same day. No one has been vaccinated.

By February 26, 12 people in eight homes who contacted people at bars that night had positive symptoms of COVID-19, including five school-age children, none of whom were hospitalized.

“This investigation further demonstrates that inconsistent use of the mask and insufficient physical distance in the indoor environment can increase the risk of transmission,” the CDC wrote.[Covid-19] Transmissions take place in businesses such as bars not only But it only affects customers and bar staff. But also impacts the entire community “

The CDC said the findings were subject to at least four restrictions. First, the interviews were voluntary and many community members did not provide complete information, so the number of patients reported in the study was likely to be lower than the actual number of patients.

It is also likely that all asymptomatic cases are not counted and not all contacts are tested. Information about individual behavior, such as wearing masks and social aloofness, was not collected from people with positive outcomes. Finally, samples cannot be used for whole genome sequencing, so it cannot be determined whether different Covid strains are to blame for the increased diffusion.

The CDC said a multi-component approach, such as enforcement, correct masking, social spacing, reduced indoor capacities, adequate ventilation and contact tracking, should be taken to prevent further action. Spread the virus before opening settings such as bars and restaurants.

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