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The original cast members left after the season 2 finale.

BatwomanThe second season of the book is official. And it seems to link the story of the original cast members in the process. Shortly after the end of Season 2, it was confirmed (via Entertainment Weekly) that Jacob Kane (Doogray Scott) will leave the series after two seasons. Apparently spoilers for the season 2 finale of Batwoman, “Power” below! Just look if you want to know! Jacob didn’t appear in the season 2 finale and is most recently imprisoned for helping and supporting Alice (Rachel Skarsten), hinting that he’s been moved to a metropolitan pending trial. case

“Having Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane in Batwoman is incredibly special for all of us,” lead actor Caroline Dries said in a statement. “A performer with pedigree and fame can enhance any project, and he gets along well with his teammates. We loved telling the story of Commander Ken over the last two seasons. And we will always leave the door open for him to come back. We wish him the best!”

According to Dries, the decision to cut Jacob̵

7;s name from the show was for a number of reasons. Especially when summarizing the greater importance of The Crows, the fascist police organization that Jacob brings to life.

“This character has a really intense storyline,” Dries explains. “The story is just a summary of Crows because we took a very strong stand against police brutality this season and really used Crows as a metaphor for that story. We, this story can only end with Ryan’s satisfaction. [if the Crows were] It’s completely shut down. For us, no version of the crow felt okay. that felt like a compromise.”

“When we made that decision — and of course Kate didn’t continue — this Jacob’s character went for better or worse through that storyline,” Dries continued. [with Scott]. We were finally able to write a good ending. Really give Jacob Just know in advance what we will do. I’m very satisfied with how the story progresses for him. It allows us to give Dougray something rich in the end.”

Season 3 of Batwoman It will premiere on Wednesday October 13 at 9/8c on The CW.

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