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The Philippines’ top diplomat targets China with profanity.

MANILA – The Philippine government under the notorious Rodrigo Duterte has sometimes carried out diplomatic operations in the most tactless language.

In his dealings with China, Mr Duterte, on the other hand, preferred honey over vinegar for fear of the consequences of the beating. But on Monday, that didn’t stop his top diplomat from doing so.

How can I say politely, my friend, Jean? Let me see… ”Mr. Teodoro Locsin Jr., then, in a straightforward and rude sense, he urged Beijing to pull its ships out of Manila’s waters in the South China Sea.

“What are you doing with our friendship?” He continued. “You. Not us. We’re trying you. You’re like an ugly person who forces you to pay attention to a handsome guy who wants to be friends.”

Mr Locsin’s comments, which express frustration and sometimes collide on Twitter, are punctuation marks for the harsh claims. But more sane, released Monday by the Philippine Foreign Ministry.

It urged China to take ships out of waters around the Galyayan Islands and Scarborough Coast, saying Beijing did not. “Right to law enforcement in the area”

“The unauthorized and unauthorized presence of these ships is a significant violation of Philippine sovereignty,” it added, emphasizing that Philippine maritime patrols and drills in the area are “. Lawful and routine acts of sovereign nations in their territories “

The department also protested “shading, blocking, dangerous maneuvers and radio challenges” by the Chinese coast guard against the Philippines on the Scarborough coast last week.

For the most part, China ignored Manila’s demands to pull off, holding dozens of ships in Philippine waters, and Manila responded with daily diplomatic protests against Beijing.

The Atoll’s triangular chain and reef that is the subject of the Philippine-China dispute are in the economic zone of Manila, 123 miles from Subic Bay in Luzon.

But the Chinese government claims to have nearly all sovereignty over the South China Sea and has been warned by the Biden administration that it will not cause a conflict as it has moved to prosecute these claims.

In 2016, like Duterte as President of the Philippines, filed a lawsuit against China in the International Arbitration Court and sentenced the Philippines.

During the nearly five years he was in power, he chose not to be hostile to China, hoping for help from an influx of giant neighbors. The stance was in stark contrast to the way Duterte treated Barack Obama and the European Union, which were both targeted at his verbal attack. Mr Duterte accepted his insult, saying at one point that God advised him to lower his voice.

Last week, Duterte thanked China for delivering the COVID-19 vaccine to the country, saying he was deeply indebted. And on Monday he appeared to have received the first Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine, according to a live stream shared on Facebook by Filipino lawmakers.

Still, the territorial issue remains a red line for the Philippines, although Mr Duterte sometimes sounds almost apologetic in explaining his case.

He said Philippine patrols in the area would not stop. But his country doesn’t want to “cause trouble” for China, especially with “war”.

“There are things that are not subject to compromise, such as we fall back,” our patrolman Duterte said. “It’s difficult. I hope they understand. But I have the interests of my country to protect as well. ”

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