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The Pontiac GTO, its wide-body render that looks terrifying, looks like a classy devil.

For those who aren’t fans of muscle cars, it’s hard to distinguish. They were all outdated. even today But real connoisseurs will look at the headlights, taillights or body kit and tell you exactly when the HEMI Cuda or Dodge Charger was built.

GTO is like that too. During the Mustang’s boom, Pontiac’s creations flexed vertically stacked square headlights. Of course, there are other features such as less squared fenders. But we rarely see creative things done with the elements mentioned above.

Artist Brad Builds saw this when he created Darth Vader’s awesome GTO recently. But getting serious about a floating muscle car is difficult. This is even more!

The wide body kit is one thing that separates the old muscle car from the new one. Sure, you have some Coke bottle circumference. But for the most part, these 1

960s were flat on the side. At the same time, the new man has gone mad.

You’ve got the tank outfits Dodge uses with the Charger and Challenger, as well as some crazy add-ons inspired by Japanese customization. We are mainly talking about Clinched or Shirokai.

This render is played in the same league. And we think it will create a connection to the muscle community. So far, all you have to do with GTO is find it in the barn, dust it off, restore it, but keep everything in stock as much as possible.

as you can see Nothing in stock at all And it starts with a dark metallic texture that looks awesome. This wraps around a large fender insert that goes around the bumper. It reminds us of the 1970s wide and low Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, Riley’s pedals. It is fully enclosed in the cage and can be rotated at 10,000 rpm.

Of course, the creators of these pixels took advantage of a much lower suspension. and tires that are wide enough for racing cars Anyone with a Shirokai kit should love this look, but the GTO priests will obviously hate it.

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