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The preparations for the PlayStation Digital Store shutdown are all motto, so start sooner rather than later.

From logins to slow downloads to missing buttons, it can be difficult to set up your PSP, Vita, and PS3 libraries.

After hearing news of the PSP, Vita and PS3 store closings last week, I was disappointed. But I am not as bad as some people. Like those around me are bored and tired We’re really doing this, right, Sony? Welp, okay.

With the latest statement that we can still download the merchandise we bought after the store shutdown (at the moment), I’ve been planning to procrastinate on getting my library in order, July 2 – the PS3 and PSP store closing date – felt. Far enough, I don’t even have to embark on.

With the idea that On Friday, I started talking in forums and communities to refresh myself that digital-only games and worthwhile purchases should be considered before it̵

7;s too late. tomb The cost How much On the current disc? Okay, another PS1 Classic for the list. Next thing I know, I’m in the research phase and I can’t help myself. I’m a little crazy

Mega Man Legends is expensive for a disc, so buy the digital version of the PS1 Classics.

On the PSP and Vita front, I have a PlayStation Portable, but no longer has a usable battery. (Most of them got me) And while I never properly owned a PlayStation Vita, I got my PlayStation TV back when it was super cheap – I never bothered to do much with that tiny box after a glimpse. cursory

My PS3 is versatile for playing non-PS2 discs, and I’m late in the circuit, so I don’t get a lot of names for it. Cool quirky, which was what people were in a rush before the store closed in 2021.

You don’t need to know all my personal PlayStation history. But I am talking briefly about it as only the beginning. After setting up my system again, I found some games I wasn’t expecting – when I bought it. Red ringReally? – And I also realized that I didn’t own everything I thought I did.

Patchwork Heroes is the hidden gem of the PSP digital library.

Either you swear by Sony or are still open to the idea of ​​purchasing a digital copy of older PlayStation games while you are authorized by any means. I ask you to decide sooner rather than later.Since the “old” console library cannot be verified in the web browser, the accounting process is a huge pain. I say as someone who doesn’t own that much digital stuff anymore.

My first wake up call was when I tried to get into one of these systems. I started with PlayStation TV first and while my account information was still there, my password gave me an error. It turns out I had to authenticate my PS TV and PS3 login credentials, using a semi-obscure Sony page to generate a password.

(If you have 2 steps and are struggling like me: Go to the PlayStation Store, click on your Avatar up top, then Account Settings, then Security, and finally, Device Settings Password, this will help you. To sign in)

When I logged in, I took my stock of PSP, Vita and PS3 games and cross-referenced them with a collection of very useful game guides on ResetEra.Another good thing: this list of games you can play on your Vita. Yes, but if you buy it on your PS3 and transfer it to


If there is a theme for this article, everything related to the PlayStation’s closing preparations is more time consuming and more cumbersome than it should be – just like an order of magnitude.

In this case the button “Add to Cart” (and hence price information) will not be visible to me in the PS3 store.

I have heard a lot of complaints about it recently. But what you see for yourself is forest… as a workaround for the buttons that disappear every time I play a game that I want to buy. (Process in and of myself) I had to go down and highlight the “Overview” button, then press up once and press X to confirm. I also read about failed purchases. But I can’t find any mistakes. Cross my fingers.

If you’re like me, you’re going to need to fill in gaps in your PS1 and PS2 Classics collection on the PS3 and Vita.It’s less than ideal, but in many cases, manually searching for games is better than relying on an imperfect list. PlayStation Store For the past, search for “PSOne”; For the latter one, “PS2.” That should list the classics alphabetically for you to read. I’ll make a note as needed so you know which of your games are installed – the download list wasn’t helpful. Still a crowd in 2021

Instead of browsing casual PS3 and Vita stores for Classics, search for

At the risk of roam more than I’d like, there’s also the matter of navigating the PlayStation Store and general game downloads, installations, and patches on these platforms. It’s all very It’s slower than I remember, and I didn’t have any particularly fond memories from the beginning. Get into the process expecting to nurture everything, even in the best of circumstances it will feel like a project.

I ended up with many more PS1 Classics including Mega Man Legends, Suikodenand Legend of Dragoon, As well as Resident Evils (I would laugh if Capcom made a modern port later this year for the series’ 25th anniversary) and that can’t be missed, for example. Tactics Ogre: Let us stick together.When will I be able to play this game? That’s a topic for another day. But I’ll try to be honest!

I only do the bare minimum, which is to say I have the games I want. (And some games I might not), but I haven’t backed up anything or spent extra time to prove my digital future purchases even though those conversations are happening online. If you’ve invested in your digital library for your PSP, Vita, and PS3, I don’t necessarily recommend you start buying a bunch of old games that you may or may not need before Sony pulls the plug on a new purchase, but I’ll start thinking. The plan

For anyone who has moved away from the PlayStation ecosystem due to these shutdowns, or at least reconsidering their stance on digital purchases under Sony, I feel you. The brand is very popular.

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