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The Pro-Palestinian Rally takes place in Crocker Park.

The protesters’ “broad alignment” met at the east entrance of Crocker Park to demand that the protesters “be on the horizon”. “Immediately put an end to the violence and repression by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in Sheik Jurrah near East Jerusalem, occupied Palestine, where Palestinians are increasingly exposed to ethnicity. They also demanded that the US end all military aid to Israel “immediately”.

Crocker Park representatives told 3News that demonstrators were not allowed to gather inside the shopping center and were asked to leave. The text below is given to 3News.

“The protest happened this afternoon over our private property, which we have not authorized and without knowledge of, so the Westlake Police immediately moved the protest to public property so they can protest. It is public in Westlake. But not at the Crocker garden. “

Rallies were held along the sidewalks on Crocker Street.

At one point during the rally, tensions arose when a man was charged with entering the protest and detained by a member of the Westlake Police Department.

Tensions in the Middle East have escalated in recent days, with the Hamas group in the Gaza Strip and Israeli troops trading rocket launch. 1

22 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip along with seven others in Israel, including 31 Palestinian children and a 6-year-old Israeli boy.

You can watch the strike once again in the rides below:

Earlier this week, 3News streamed a rally to support Israel taking place in Beachwood, and you can watch it again below:

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