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Cincinnati pitcher Amir Garrett received a seven-game suspension on Tuesday due to “Encourage clearing” during Saturday’s game against the Chicago Cubs.

Garrett, fined an undisclosed sum, is appealing the suspension and remains entitled to play during the appeal process, said Michael Hill, MLB senior vice president of field operations, announcing the discipline.

Javier Báez, who jumped around a loud boom when he yelled at Garrett, was not suspended. Báez received undisclosed fines.

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The event started as Garrett beat Anthony Rizzo in the eighth inning. Garrett shouted from the pile and pounded his chest several times. The son sees it as disrespectful to Rizzo; Garrett said it was “Imprisoned aggression” from his struggles this season.

Many Cubs players, especially Báez, let Garrett know how they felt about it by yelling at him from a thundering place, Garrett shouted back to Báez while waiting for the next clash, then Báez jumped. The railing rumbled and made Garrett come to him. The benches were empty. But there is no punch and no ejection.

“It felt really good to throw 97 (mph) to 87,” Garrett said. “I felt my normal self, so when I hit Rizzo out, I let him know. ‘I’m back.’ I’m fine. I’m here. That’s all.

“I turned around and got the ball and heard Baez chirping. I would go back. It’s okay. We won’t fight because the milliseconds we have had a lot of time to meet. Can go to him if I want and he will go to me, we are not going to fight, we will exchange words, La blabla, bench clear, hug me, no matter what. “

It was the second time the Reds had been suspended before a bench clearing scene this season, the MLB suspended Nick Castellanos for two games, backed up after an appeal when he stood over Cardinal pitcher Jake Wu. Ford while scoring in a fierce field and shouting “Go (explanation), let’s go!”

Castellanos said the league cited healthy and safety protocols for reasons of holding his suspension during his appeal process.

Garrett was suspended for eight games when he was charged with a thunderous Pittsburgh Pirates in a brawl on July 30, 2019.

“I had no intention of fighting (Báez) because obviously if I wanted to, I would go to him,” Garrett said. “It’s a lot of captive aggression in my performance. It’s what it is.”


The benches cleared between the Reds and the Cubs on Saturday after Amir Garrett beat Cubs player Anthony Rizzo except for Garrett’s shout.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Báez and Cubs manager David Ross criticized Garrett for his actions in a post-game interview on Saturday.

“That’s not the way baseball is meant to go. But I think that’s his style, ”Ross said.“ I don’t agree with it. I think it’s rubbish. But he’s not on my team. “

Báez added: “He has to respect the game, if he doesn’t respect the game and if he doesn’t respect us it will happen because he did that to us, he didn’t do it to pump (up) his teammates. He despised us.”

Garrett, who spoke to reporters after the game on Sunday, said he knew things would not escalate further, even though Báez jumped up the thundering railing and made gestures with him.

“Brother, he didn’t jump over the railing and tried to come to me, I can promise you,” said Garrett. “He jumped over the railroad tracks, stood there and shouted. We are grown up. If you want to come pick me up, you can pick me up if I want to go and pick him up. That was a waste of time and money and all of that.

We can sing chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp (Cheer). Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer.


Javier Báez explained why he was devastated by Amir Garrett’s actions that led to Saturday’s bench clearing in the 8th inning.

Cincinnati Enquirer