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The report said a third of Basecamp employees resigned due to courtesy of the new company.

On Monday, Chicago-based software company Basecamp released a statement that it was making a number of changes, including a ban on political debate on the company’s Basecamp account.

“The social and political waters of today are extremely volatile, sensitive to 11 people, and every discussion involving politics, support or society as a whole remotely rotates rapidly from satisfaction,” the company said. Be wondering if being out means you are conspiring or going in, that means you are the target.

The changes are touted as “New etiquette in society” by company co-founder and chief executive officer David Heinemeier Hansson, they do not protect employees from such conversations as a private person.

But the inner reception to a more inclusive approach was not overly welcomed, with a third of the company̵

7;s employee base reportedly stepping away accepting a compensation package.

Heinemeier Hansson has also offered a buyback package as an option. “No questions asked” for those unwilling to accept the change.

“We offer everyone at Basecamp an option of a compensation package that offers up to six months of salary for those who have been with the company for more than three years and three months of salary for those who have stayed in the company less,” he explains. There is no frustration, no question for those who cannot see the future at Basecamp. Under this new approach, we will help them in any way possible to go elsewhere. “

The Verge It reportedly employs about 18 out of the company’s 57 employees.

Heinemeier Hansson cited the publication as drying out dirty laundry in an earlier report. As he insists, the initial motive for the letter stems from internal disagreements on the subject. “Best List” of Customers Basecamp

“The long existence of ‘Best Names Ever’ is [employee 1] Described yesterday represents a total fatal and repetitive failure at Basecamp, one thing we need to learn together by transparent tracing its origins and history, ”said Heinemeier Hansson.

“It is not only insulting our customers and violating our basic expectations of privacy. But it is against the creation of an inclusive workplace, it should not be thought that maintaining such listings is normal or justified here. “

The Verge It said many of the names on the list, which have appeared multiple times over the years, and management are aware of them of Asian or African origin.

Additional changes that the company announced as part of the refresh include: No more paternal interest, no more promising to be a board of directors, promising to halt past decisions, no longer reviewing 360 employees. And “Don’t forget what we do here.”

The company has yet to comment on the impact of cultural restoration efforts.

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