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The Royal Caribbean CEO’s ‘Optimism’ cruise can resume in midsummer.

Royal Caribbean Group CEO Richard Fain said optimistic Monday that the shipping line would be able to resume operations this summer, more than a year after the industry was effectively shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Rona

In the video message, Fain noted that “Faster advancements” for new industry start-ups due to existing COVID-19 vaccines, improved testing and contract tracking, Royal Caribbean’s CEO also cited progress in discussions with center officials and The U.S. Disease Prevention said earlier this month that the cruise could resume limited operations in mid-summer.

“We agree with that assessment, and we are more optimistic than ever that a true path forward can be achieved in that time frame,”

; Fain said. “That will enable summer in Alaska and elsewhere. Any “

CARNIVAL CORP says more cruises are booked for 2022 than 2019.

The CDC issued a “shipping ban” for US shipping lines in March amid concerns that it could aggravate the COVID-19 epidemic early in the outbreak. The agency issued a conditional cruise order that allows cruises last October. But if operators follow strict safety procedures

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The cruise operator and Republican lawmakers have pressured the CDC to lift restrictions in recent weeks.

Census Republicans Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Dan Sullivan passed a law earlier this month that seeks to lift the CDC’s ban and allow further navigation. By July In a separate action, the state of Florida sued the CDC in a bid to end the cruise ban.

Fain noted that the ultimate decision on when to return to cruise would be at the CDC. He noted that Biden’s management “seemed ready to have conversations that could lead to constructive results” over 30. The country has allowed the cruise to resume since the shutdown related to the first outbreak.

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The Royal Caribbean CEO added that public support for the cruise industry. “It shows that there is a strong desire to see cruises be treated like many other businesses and are allowed to operate under a safe manner.”

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