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The Russo brothers speak among ‘Mosul’ actors receiving threats from ISIS.

“Mosul” debuted on Netflix during Thanksgiving and became one of the most watched films by streamers in Europe and the Middle East.

Joe and Anthony Russo are talking about their Netflix action project “Mosul” after reports of the team members being threatened by ISIS. “Mosul” was produced by the Rus brothers. So, and directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan, premieres November 26, 2020 on Netflix and becomes one of the most viewed films in Europe and the Middle East, starring Suhail Dabbach and Adam Bessa. Mosul is a thriller. Iraqi Arabic war morale following the mission of the SWAT police team to wipe out the ISIS members who murdered their loved ones.

“When I posted on social media that the film was coming out on its first day, there was a lot of ISIS stuff,” Dabbach told Deadline. “They put in a lot of bad videos and speech. As they say, now that we know you, you have to see for yourself. Every day, touch your head to make sure it̵

7;s still open. They said ‘We know where you live and we will contact you.’

Carnahan said the death threat was a “horrific by-product” given the film’s high international audience, Joe Russo added, “it was a very shocking experience for the actor.”

“It was never comforting that your privacy was compromised, and it was horrible to receive a murder threat from an anonymous source,” said Joe Russo. Netflix and our own security team. “

During the creation of “Mosul” in Morocco, the Russo brothers’ production company AGBO used TigerSwan security services to protect the cast and crew from potential ISIS threats and take special measures to prevent the ISIS storyline. The movie was leaked, AGBO turned to TigerSwan once more to make sure the actors were safe after the film’s release and the threats of death escalated.

“I would say we take this very seriously,” Anthony Russo told Deadline. “We know the movie is provocative and potentially dangerous for everyone involved. We take the highest security measures imaginable and we are familiar with the process after working on a Marvel movie. ”

“This is a new level in terms of secrecy,” Anthony continues, “We didn’t distribute the script, we had the codename for the movie, and pulled all ISIS references from the script when we had to distribute the script, so it was never mentioned. As clearly as in the movies We have the best security guards working with us. But still there is danger But we have to be in a Middle Eastern country to make a movie like we do. We are exposed and take the responsibility as we can. But everyone felt it was worth the risk. ”

By Deadline: “ The Dabbach family receives a similar dreadful threat and his co-star Adam Besa, who plays a policeman who is enlisted into SWAT, watches his Instagram page cleared and he is threatened. By WhatsApp, those threats reached Turkey. Both the financiers of the AGBO movies, Netflix and 101 Studios had given it enough attention to directing internal security forces to step in and make sure everyone was safe. ”

“Mosul” is now streaming on Netflix.

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