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The safety footprint grew in the nation’s capital ahead of its launch.

By the next week, the DC Police Chief said more than 20,000 security personnel were expected to prevent violence, days after President Trump supporters raided the state agency as lawmakers met. To certify the winning election of Biden.

At least five people have been killed as a result of the riots, which sent lawmakers and officials to run for shelter, marking the end of a divisive election season set by Trump refusing to admit. Even as bureaucratic pointing continues on who is responsible for the security collapse, officials are rushing to make arrangements for next week̵

7;s oath of ceremonies as they monitor the escalating threats.

Officers have taken action in a higher alert state as the Secret Service pursues launch security and the FBI tackles possible threats in D.C. and state capitals.

On Wednesday, Christopher A. FBI Director Ray briefed local law enforcement across the country on the “state of play” and the agency moved to set up new headquarters across the country.

A senior FBI and intelligence official also briefed Biden and his national security aide on Wednesday. Officials are now expected to receive daily updates on safety and operational plans.

“The elected president and the elected vice president are focused on protecting the security of the American people, our institutions and our democratic values,” Biden’s transformation team said in a statement.

A week before the inauguration ceremony, the incoming administration was unstoppably stressing the U.S.’s ability to take on security responsibilities, even as the key nominees for the inaugural office were pending confirmation. Some agencies, including the Department of Defense, are unlikely to have a new confirmed leader on Day 1.

The post’s Devlin Barrett argues the potential allegations that President Trump and his legal team may face in inciting groups of people to violate US authorities on Jan. 6. Washington Post)

The scrutiny has intensified after a congressional uprising about what senior intelligence officials may have known before Jan. 6 due to the FBI’s warnings about protesters’ intentions to wage “war” in Washington. To happen

Officials and analysts who reviewed online posts and message threads said some far-right groups appeared to retreat from plans to come to Washington in the coming days, at least in part as a result of the unit. National security and law enforcement agencies

Some groups are advising their followers that the planned protests for Sunday in DC and in the state capital are part of a “false flag” operation intended to lure them into the hands of a “false flag”. Law enforcement There is no evidence that it is.

Experts and officials say it is difficult to separate people who may pose a legitimate threat from those involved in exaggerated rhetoric. But in the end, it is unlikely to attack government buildings or even show up in protest demonstrations. More relevant are threats from people and small groups that may not convey their intentions in public forums and potentially lead to encrypted messaging platforms. It will be harder for them to follow up with law enforcement and may be more committed to sticking to their plans.

The consensus seems that while the risk of violence could be lower in Washington in the coming days.

Fears of violence this weekend, several governors on Wednesday announced they were calling on the National Guard to help keep them safe.

Many government officials stressed that they were only dealing with the vague threat. But said last week’s attacks in Washington gave them little choice. But to support safety around their parliament buildings.

“I will use the resources necessary to keep North Carolina residents safe,” said North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D), who called 550 troops to deploy in Raleigh and in DC.

In Oregon, the Kate Brown (D) government also activated the National Guard Corps after state police requested additional resources following the unrest outside City Hall in Salem last week.

Intelligence normally leads the security arrangements in DC, but unlike in recent years, small federal services will be supported by great forces to help keep peace.

Pentagon officials are racing to evaluate a growing list of National Guard requests for help. One defense official said it was too soon to say how many militants there would ultimately be in D.C. But it did not dispute an earlier statement today from Acting Police Chief Robert J. Conti III, which said the number would be “over 20,000”.

The forces will be joined by officials from the host agency, the US Marshals Service, part of the Department of Justice.It plans to appoint between 3,000 and 4,000 local law enforcement officers from across the country, which at the request of the DC Police will. Assisted security for the launch, Chief Lamont Jeruffin. U.S. Deputy Marshal to the DC Federal Prison Service, meanwhile, “is planning to send specially trained staff” to DC to assist with security during its inauguration, a spokesman said Tuesday, which may have gestures. Similar to what we did during Unrest during the racial justice protests in June

Prison Office spokesman Justin Long said the department would send personnel “if necessary and as intended”.

The DC government and the state agency, which is a federal force, have called for additional aid to the National Guard, which has resulted in the activation of all existing DC Guard forces, including a substantial increase in state forces. Such as Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Pentagon officials say they have to balance the needs of the nation’s capital and those in the states.

As House lawmakers gathered to discuss proposals to impeach Trump for a second time, the Congress building resembles a makeshift barracks as hundreds of guards spread on marble floors using their backpacks. The backpack is a pillow and has an unloaded M4 rifle within reach.

The guards are resting during the shift, DC Guard officials said in a statement, stressing that they were not lying on the floor because of lack of sleep preparation. Officials said local hotels could accommodate service members.

The other guards were amazed at the decoration and chewing on the pizza sent by lawmakers. Some black troops photographed in front of a statue of Rosa Parks in Capitol Rotunda.

Michael Brice-Saddler, Tim Craig, Nick Miroff, Souad Mekhennet and Razzan Nakhlawi contributed to this report.

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