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The sailors experienced a tragedy that was new and different.

I wish that grief has five steps. It will be much easier OkWe will talk to ourselves I refuse the past And then a quarter of the method of acceptance. Unfortunately, just like a 32-ounce PTA or Jamba Juice convention, the grief experience is overwhelming and not quite as advertised.

Of course, we are all used to rejection. Immediately after the tragedy, the brain could not stop thinking: Ok already happened But what if not? A few minutes ago, that wasn’t what happened.

What is the difference between before and after? Indeed, everything is the same except what we want are not the same.

Of course, rejection fades and usually fades into anger, so what they don̵

7;t tell you is the “five-step” paradigm. There was anger and negotiations and depression. But there was more rejection. And rejection is often interspersed with depression and anger. And you come back to the square As you gaze blankly at the people living around you and wondering how they behave like the world is not entirely different.

Today is a beautiful day It’s a Seattle spring day like no other, it’s both cold and warm as the sun finally shines over the city that begins to show life. It was easy to shake off Monday night’s 6-0 loss as we settled to watch our Canadian hero take off his first Mariners in almost three years.

Within minutes, the optimism turned into a gaping horror story.

James Paxton suffered a “sick left elbow.” Making 30 appearances at the start of the first 2021 season was not a life-ruining thing. Hell, it’s not surprising at all. Even if it is a tragic thing

It’s sad for James Paxton, who has never wasted 160 innings in one season and who doesn’t love more than the season opener he knows he can finally do.

It’s sad for all possible Naval fans to endure a 90-year losing season while grabbing as much straw as possible. Paxton is a particularly charming straw. And there are like five straws

I know the Mariners’ 2-1 performance in the season-opening series against the Giants will not represent them throughout this season. But man, I don’t think Mariners will kill any more granular enthusiasm this season if they tried.

On one hand, you have Paxton. As I write this, Scott Servais told reporters that Paxton has “tense muscle in the left forearm” on the surface. That might be just as good as the “left arm” news. Much less than the “left elbow” initially reported, so Paxton will have an MRI tomorrow and no one knows what it will show. Paxton will miss time. There is a really great opportunity to happen.

On the other hand, you have [gestures at the rest of the Mariners]I realize that any reaction to a team’s performance through just five games is an overreaction. But those five games are what we have to go on and they have already looked at. Terrible. I mean, Terrible Just as fun as a comeback on launch day, the Giants gave Mariners more games than Mariners would do anything to get.

The best part about the first week or two of the baseball season is that every fan base has found a way to convince themselves this might be this year. Some passageways are narrow and impossible to betray. But every team has a path

The events of the game tonight are equivalent to the path of a sailor in an avalanche It’s the worst in this game and it happened in the fifth game of the season. The rest of the climb is not an impossible task. But I feel much worse than this morning.

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