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The sailor’s Hector Santiago was the first to be accused of using an adhesion enhancer.

Seattle Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago made questionable history on Sunday. when he became the first pitcher to be kicked out of the game from MLB’s suppression of adhesion enhancers

Santiago was sent off in the fifth inning of the doubleheader’s first game between the Mariners and the Chicago team. His gloves were also confiscated.


“He was fired for inspecting the gloves. because there was a foreign substance stuck on the inside of the glove palm,” referee Tom Hollian told pool reporters.

Santiago claims to be just sweating and polishing on his mitts.

“I think when they bring it back and check. It was just sweaty and needy,” Santiago said after the game. “They will investigate it and all this science. and it will be sweaty and needy.”

Santiago could face a 1

0-game ban, but there is an appeal process.

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“This is part of it. This is what we have to do. This is part of the game. We will be caught if we use any substance,” Santiago said. “My idea is to just use the needy and attack the zone. That’s what I’m trying to do. I know I didn’t use anything today.”

Santiago said he was accused of having illegal substances on his hands and gloves. not hand throw Santiago is a lefty.

“If we cannot use it in our hands, our arms, so that sweat does not drip down our hands. Anti-slip from the ball Let it all go away,” he added via MLB.com.


The MLB will inspect the gloves to determine if Santiago is using a foreign substance or if it is real sweat and rosin.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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