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The San Francisco 49ers have created a win-win situation at defenders. Five players to make or break in 2021

It’s hard for teams to create a win-win situation when adding franchise quarterback candidates to their already established roster with QB1, but the San Francisco 49ers may create an environment that will Help them win today and Tomorrow, while also putting the experienced transmitter in a position to pick up another big check in the near future.

Perhaps that was the exact plan that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan had in mind when the Niners traded for the No. 3 pick and eventually drafted Trey Lance with Jimmy Garoppolo who remained entrenched as starters.

Jimmy G holds the record 22-8 as a start-up for San Francisco and led the 49ers to the Super Bowl two seasons ago. But the trust in the organization̵

7;s brain still felt the need to choose the first three rounds and the third round on the other arm. A bold move clearly happened. At least in part, Garoppolo has lost 23 games due to injury over the past three seasons. That has led to concerns about his durability as a true defender. That said, the 49ers value their QB1, who still have two years left on their $137.5 million five-year renewal, despite the deadly money impact. and will no longer prohibit trade or release. And the team believes that the relationship is still a good relationship. Built on Consistent Transparency

“I think Jimmy has a lot of trust in me and Kyle,” Lynch told Colin. Cowherd last week “I think you got that. And I think from day one We’re straight with Jimmy. When I went to see Jimmy I told him the truth, like, ‘Look, we’ve decided that we Will be chasing defenders this season, you know, Jimmy, when you play, you’re amazing and the stats say it. We feel there is room for growth. The biggest thing is that it’s hard to keep you on the pitch.’ That’s not easy to tell a player. But Jimmy accepted it very much.”

There’s no denying Garoppolo’s impact on San Francisco when he’s on the field. In 31 games against the 49ers over the past four seasons, Jimmy G completed 67.5% passes with a touchdown-to-intercept ratio of 46: 26 and a pass rate of 98.1. Most importantly, Garoppolo won 73.3 percent of his start. Perhaps this explains why the Niners brass is adamant that Garoppolo remains at the center of the franchise’s plans for 2021, despite the fact that the 29-year-old has a base salary of $24.1 million and the staff just recently. Drafting a replacement, Lynch reiterated this idea in his conversation with Cowherd:

“And my other promises are, ‘But here’s the good news, Jimmy: We don’t want you to go anywhere. We want you here And our ownership has promised that we can do it. We get along in our hats and we think it’s a good situation for you. It may not be the person you want to hear in the end. I’m sure you want to be a long term guy. There’s the flip side of that. You can still be ‘ because he will have a chance to compete and get that job. and we will let it play But Jimmy is a really good footballer.”

Garoppolo has a solid track record. But some believe he is not a perfect player as a passer/playmaker. And San Francisco needs to upgrade its position to maximize its potential as a title challenger.

“He’s a good player. But he misses a few times in each game that layup should be considered,” the former NFL player and offensive assistant told me. “Shanahan is one of the best in the business in designing ‘can’t-miss’ plays, but there are times when Jimmy can’t see or fail. That must have caused frustration in the disgusting conference room.”

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