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The second most popular woman of all for New York mayor.

Candidates who highlight those issues through their ideological forum were better received in the survey. But that benefit has not yet been extended to Garcia. She attended late races and spent more money than her rivals, some of whom had been planning to run the mayor for years.

“If it were to be an election based on your values, you wouldn’t be able to get Yang to do this well. And you definitely shouldn’t have Eric Adams come second, because he’s more mediocre too, ”said Matt Wing, former government spokesman Andrew Cuomo and Deb Lazio. Supporting Garcia’s campaign, “Joe Biden has already shown us how boring and attractive that powerful governance can be.”


Garcia’s slogan is “get the shit done” – a mantra meant to embody her skills cutting through the red tape of the bureaucracy. One of her marquee policy ideas is to improve the permission of new businesses to only use one application, an idea sponsored by Yang, who has been working with her to promote it.
Those who worked in the city government maze often pointed out that she was one of the most qualified applicants for the job.

About a third of the donations to Garcia come from city employees, many of whom attended a fundraising march organized by Glen and Kathryn Wylde, head of New York City’s prominent business partners, according to the Ravens’ campaign. Garcia She was endorsed by Harry Nespoli, president of Teamsters Local 831 and three other unions representing the team she previously managed – but didn’t receive much new support at the end of the year.

James Oddo, the Republican president of Staten Island Borough, told POLITICO he was a “big fan”, acknowledging that she had a crossover charm in a politically conservative area. That might be useful while dominating. But areas like Staten Island did not play a part in the main Democrats’ vote.

She also received the award from Congressman Antonio Reynoso, a left-leaning Democrat running for Brooklyn’s president, who recently attended a press conference on organic waste. A New York Times editorial that introduces readers to applicants, encouraging them to take a closer look at her.

Garcia believes that there is still plenty of time to break out.

“If everything gets locked up, then I worry. But it wasn’t locked up, ”she said.“ They knew these people and they didn’t buy it. ”

At least a quarter of voters are still unsure, the Spectrum News NY1 / Ipsos poll found others suggest that the mayor race tends to be hot late at night in New York by the USSR de Blasio when. Up to this point in the 2013 elementary school competition.

“We’ve all been out for two months, and in the past, New York’s matches have changed in recent months,” said Andrea Hagelgans, a former senior advisor to De Blasio, who donated money to the Ravens’ campaign. Said Garcia and Maya Wiley.

Garcia’s New York City roots are deep.

Her brother Matthew and her sister Elizabeth were raised in a crowded home with five siblings in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Her father, Bruce McIver, was the chief executive officer. Former Mayor Edkosh’s labor negotiators and her mother, Ann McIver, are English professors at Medgar Evers College. She attended public elementary school and later Stuyvesant High School, a famous magnet school in Manhattan, and still lives two blocks from her mother.

Garcia gained fame for her award-winning policy early in her career. Councilor Bradlander recalled knocking on Garcia’s door in 2009 asking her to vote for the city council, asking which issues were important to her. Garcia immediately asked his stance on the city’s water rates, a long-standing problem among city property owners.

In Lander’s statement, he is “Rope-Ya-laced”.

“If you are at the door, the correct answer is almost certain. ‘The water rate is very high – the city is overcharging us,’ ”Lander said.“ And she was like, ‘You are wrong,’ and she patiently explained to me why what I was talking about was wrong. And how much is the investment in the city’s water system and what is needed?

The exchange changed his thinking.

“It shows a long-standing focus on public infrastructure and what it takes to maintain these infrastructures and a passion for that, even if that’s not the sexiest thing. But it also adds an element of wry trick – to my setting – just to show some humor about it as well, ”said Lander, who works as a city governor and doesn’t plan to. Certified in the mayor competition

People close to Garcia’s campaign said they thought her message could meet her needs among moderate voters who value urban services. They see that there is potential for reaching out to residents of the outskirts of the city. But also in areas with lots of voters, such as Garcia’s native Park Slope and the Upper West Side.

While Garcia touted progressive policies such as a pledge to make Rikers Island totally spin-off. But she was far from that lane. She skipped the Working Families Party’s certification screening process, demanding that members return to replace Dianne Morales, who was eventually certified second to Comptroller Scott Stringer.. Stringer on Friday lost support of the party after alleged rape.

“There are more applicants on the left than me,” Garcia told POLITICO. “I am more pragmatic than the others.”

While Garcia has made advances in fundraising in recent weeks, she is short of cash from some rivals to get her message out. She raised $ 590,000, but the city’s public match fund program brought her a total of $ 2.6 million.Adams has about $ 7.8 million in his account and is pursuing a similar voting base with Gar. Sierra Yang had about $ 5 million to spend.

One thing that could change the equation is the city’s new selective voting system, which allows voters to rank up to five different candidates on a ballot. If none of the candidates win a majority of the votes, the final candidate will be eliminated and their vote will be split into the voter second choice, a repetitive process until someone wins.

For a candidate like Garcia, the system might be able to help her.

“Can you put one and a lot of two and three to be a player? Maybe. ”Oddo said.“ In theory, you could argue that she would be the top for many people’s ballots. ”

To make it work, Garcia had to develop a strong starter base to make sure she garnered the votes of the first eliminated candidate.

It’s not the tactic her campaign uses, according to people close to her campaign. The idea of ​​this is a selective voting, too new and not known to try the math system. Most voters are still unfamiliar with it. But people in the campaign think that second sponsorship can certainly increase her odds, as one familiar with her campaign said, “She’s a good candidate.”

Garcia said the general plan now peaks when most people are pursued.

“We intend to make sure we’re interested when they pay attention,” she said.

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