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The sign points to the Jets hiring Robert Saleh.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh has been interviewed for a second time with the Jets for a vacant coach position.

As Chris Simms said on Wednesday. Live PFTThe talk in the coaching circle is that Jets is gearing up to hire Saleh.

Saleh has proven to be a great coach. But his hiring by Jets comes with an important caveat. The Jets need to develop defender Sam Darnold, who fell behind three in the first round of 2018: Baker Mayfield. (Taken before Darnold), Josh Allen (commissioned by Darnold) and Lamar Jackson. (Well received after Darnold)

The three will play this weekend. So if the Jets get a defensive coach who hires an offensive coordinator who has made Darnold through the top eight in 2021 or 2022, what is it? Offensive coordinator gets a supervisor position elsewhere, quite possibly.

So when it became clear that Jets and Saleh went into a rather striking deal, both parties needed a plan for the worst, resulting from the best of the situation: having things go on. So good that whoever gets the most from Darnold gets the job of head coach elsewhere.

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