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The Sixers horribly survived the fourth start and defeated the depleted Bulls 106-94.

Tonight, the Sixers beat the Chicago Bulls on Route 106-94.

In Game Two of the strangest route San Antonio to Chicago for three of the four, six seemed set to easily face the victory. This was especially encouraging given the fact that the blow would result in a drop in the team’s stars, who all played at least 34 minutes last night in the victory over Spurs.

The Sixers Reserve, unfortunately, has other plans.

As Doc Rivers starts the final frame without a beginner in the game – led by even 20 things seem to be at hand. That was when the Sixers played quite the worst five minutes a professional team could play, giving a 24-5 run result insisting Rivers would send their starter again with around 7 minutes left in the lead game. Shrinking it all the way up to 1

somehow, however, once it got back on the field, the Sixers’ start widened and retained the lead to ensure the team’s fifth win.

In the win, Joel Embiid was pretty bad on the offensive – a shaky sight in the midst of his MVP worthy campaign, the boss scored just 13 points on 4/13 off the pitch, adding 10 rebounds, 3 assists. Yost and 3 blocks, of course, he is a game at +29.

Seth Curry continued to play superb late at night with 20 points on a 7/10 shoot and his backcourt partner Danny Green scored 14 on his own. Total maturity for firing 7/14 from outside the arc.

Much of the credit stems from Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris, both recovering from a poor performance in San Antonio to win the Sixers’ win.Simmons scored 15 points on a 6/7 shot with a 6 rebound. Times, 5 assists and 3 blocks, Harris scored 21 points on a stunning 10/13 shot.

In the ‘reasons why beginners need to re-enter’ the Sixers’ benches put together -68 in the night, Mike Scott did an impressive -13 in just 5 minutes.George Hill had a bad outing. With just 5 points, 1 assist and 3 turnover, Dwight Howard was -15 in his 14 minutes on the pitch.

Matisse Thybulle intercepted shooting and stealing passes in the same possession, ending the night with 3 blocks and 2 steals in his ledger.

Furkan Korkmaz left the game after just five minutes of playing due to a sprained ankle.

To win is to win, as they say. But the stigma of a fourth-quarter meltdown is that Simmons, Harris and Embiid each had to play at least 33 minutes in a game that would have always been ludicrous.

Okay, let’s move on.

Up next for the Sixers is another trip west to face the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

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