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The Sixers praised Tyrese Maxey for his excellent performance in winning home magic.

The Philadelphia 76ers had a lot to wrap up in the Eastern Conference as they had the No. 1 seed on hand to enter the regular season finale, so coach Doc Rivers turned to his rookie and Let them finish the season and one particular rookie is outstanding.

Tyrese Maxey had a big game on his own with 30 points, seven rebounds and six assists while hitting 11-for-19 from home floor 128-117 winning Orlando Magic.He had 24 points on shoot. 10 for 11 at halftime as Orlando could not be in front of him.

“Tyrese tonight was amazing,” said fellow senior Paul Reed. “Coming in as a rookie and scoring, how he scored is not unusual. That’s like what the No. 1

choice would do in her body. He, Ballin, like him, was the No. 1 choice. He surprised Isaiah how good he was. He definitely surprised me. He’s a very talented guy and a great friend. ”

One thing that’s different about Maxey on Sunday is that he is less dependent on his floating game. He’s aggressive in taking the basket and fouls and he can have a very effective game because he only has one turn.

“I think it was clear that we got him out of the floating boat,” Rivers smiled. “It was just night and day, and I think the greatest thing was beyond that, because that’s what we did early. The same is true for floating to the basket using your speed. The second thing is you have to do the pass as well and that’s what he does. ”

As a rookie, it was difficult to make adjustments in the middle of the season and keep working for the rest of the season.Maxey was one of those rare rookies who were going to keep working and made appearances on the floor late.

“At the beginning of the year it was a floating boat,” River continues. “No assists, no turnover. Now he attacks the basket, he reaches the foul line, he finishes in the basket and when they lead he throws the ball out and that’s great. ”

Maxey added that making adjustments was not easy. But in order to be successful in the NBA, these are the things that need to be done. He was listening to his coach on the matter.

“He told me he felt I was able to get into the edge more than I did earlier this year, and I agree with him,” Rookie explains. place”

Of course, it helps that he’s an easy player and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it done on the ground.

“The boy listened,” River finished. “He helped his butt slip off. I’ve said that before. We watched a movie 10 minutes before today’s game about some defense he didn’t do in the last game. And today he came out and did better. He’s doing his job well. “

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