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The so-called Bay Area’s so-called tech manager was fired.

The former Facebook product manager said Apple fired him shortly after hiring him following employee protests over alleged sexist and racist language in his bestseller Chaos Monkeys.

“I was fired by Apple for making a quick decision,” Antonio Garcia-Martinez said Friday afternoon on Twitter, his LinkedIn page indicating that he started working at the Cupertino iPhone and the giant app store. Big last month

Apple previously told Reuters in response to questions about his departure: “Behavior that insults or discriminates against people who they are is not here.”

García-Martínez said on Twitter that the company’s statement implied he was involved in the “Negative behavior,” while at Apple, “that was defamatory and totally false,” he tweeted, not directly addressing the allegations made by Apple employees about his book. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the news organization regarding those claims.


7;s exit followed news from technology website The Verge on Wednesday that more than 2,000 Apple employees have signed the petition expressing deep concern about his hiring. The reference letter from the website focuses on García-Martínez’s 2016 autobiography and cites a number of statements.

“The vast majority of women in the Bay Area are soft and weak, deceitful and innocent, even though they claim to be world,” said a passage in contrast to what the author believes women in the region are against what. He saw in the girlfriend in “post-apocalyptic” being able to “graze carpenter or shotgun to blow anyone’s back”.

On Friday afternoon, García-Martínez said Apple was “well aware” of his writing prior to the presentation, “My reference was widely questioned about my bestseller and my really professional personality. (Instead of literature), ”he tweeted.

The petition cited another woman’s message, in which he wrote: “Unlike most women on Facebook (or in the Bay Area, really), she knows how to dress. The neck-to-knee slimming dress was her staple. ”He also complained that few Facebook employees put” femininity in the form of a dress and heels “elsewhere. Explain that a woman in a Facebook meeting wanted “more divisiveness or more charm”.

Apple employees accused García-Martínez of both sexism and racism. They cited another passage referring to an engineering manager whose “Bold Indian Accent”, which reminded him of “Auto rickshaw driver” in India

Apple employees also had trouble with García-Martínez’s descriptions of East Palo Alto, a city with a large Latino and black population.

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