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The special ‘Hannity’ show the Guatemalans want. ‘Unhelpful trade’ as they deny Harris visit, Biden policy

In the “Hannity” special, investigative journalist Sara Carter travels to Guatemala City. While Vice President Harris is visiting the North Triangle country. And reports that Guatemalans do not trust Joe Biden and do not need the help of US taxpayers. which they believe will increase corruption in the country’s government and the power of the already powerful human-trafficking groups.

Carter told host Sean Hannity that she had spoken to people both in Guatemala City. which is the capital and San Rafael A city further west near Quetzaltenango.

“They can tell you they don’t trust the United States. They don’t trust the funds that will come to Guatemala,” Carter said of the San Rafael people. “They say that for 30 years there has been a system breakdown that has helped and supported nothing more than drug cartels, human traffickers, crime and urban corruption.”

People in Guatemala, the capital city of Guatemala, were amused by Harris̵

7; visit. where Carter has seen civilian activists and other constituencies Gather to protest the arrival of the Vice President and his meeting with President Alejandro Jimmatte.

“They are among civilians, civic groups, NGOs, saying they want trade. not help They don’t want bribes,” she said.

Concerns of different groups In most Guatemala City, it is millions to trillions in aid to the Biden administration. Plans to send to the country to try to quell the immigrant crisis, which is unlikely to work.

One of the fears expressed by the public is the funds allocated to the agency. “Anti-corruption” can be used to empower those bureaucratic systems to target opponents and political dissidents instead.

Carter said they felt the commissions that allocated the money could be a weapon and used against political opponents.


“This is a very difficult time in Guatemala. This was a difficult time in Central America. What they expect is some bilateral talks that will bring trade back to Central America for us to see and stop the runoff of people. immigrant This part of the world is for the United States,” Carter said.

“They said they were very worried about it. But they won’t be able to fix this problem. except the United States to tell the truth and face the facts and accept what is happening here in the region.”

Recently, Guatemala has been one of the starting points for migrants wishing to transit through Mexico to the United States. at entry points such as Tekun Uman, where they often cross the Suzuet River into the Mexican state of Chiapas.

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