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The spoiler for The Masked Dancer: Cotton Candy is Gabby Douglas, Olympian.

Have you ever slept because of the real name of the contestants “The Masked Dancer” in Group B? We have been watching their debut over and over again in this January 6th episode of “The Masked Singer” breakdown, and we have read all the clues again to date on social media, including the Instagram episode. We are sure to be able to tell you the true identity of the four contestants who made it to the playoffs that aired on January 13, as well as the true identity of Cotton Candy. Remember, she is Part Two. With her soaring performance of “Glitter in the Air” by pink.

Forget the guesswork by the control panel (Paula Abdul |, Brian Austin Green, Ken Jeong, Ashley TisdaleThat is Cotton Candy. Jenna Dewan, Julianne Hough Or Pink. We̵

7;ve analyzed Cotton Candy’s hints, including hints of 10 celebrities taking part in Season 1 of “The Masked Dancer”. We believe we know who is hiding in this candy set. Read on for the full “The Masked Dancer” spoiler, including the name Cotton Candy.

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Among 10 contestants on “The Masked Dancer” won four gold medals at the Olympics and was able to be the winner of the New York Times Top 5 Best-Selling Book Awards.

We think Cotton Candy is a gymnast. Gabby DouglasDo not believe us? Consider the following:

At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Douglas won gold in both individual and team categories, and she repeated it later in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Win three of the four Olympic gold medals Season 1 on “The Masked Dancer”.

Following this success, Gabby co-wrote her autobiography “Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap of Faith,” which topped The New York Times best-selling Young Adult list in 2012.

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In the first clue video for Cotton Candy, we see a cereal box (Gabby shows up in front of Kellogg’s box after she won in 2012). (Which could mean her victory scene) and a cupcake decorated with False lashes and lipsticks (Gabby has a cosmetics company called Beauty Bakerie).

Cotton Candy reveals that she had to leave the house to pursue her dreams.Gabby did just that as a teenager, moving around the country to live with a gymnastics coach and her family.

In a first appearance on the official Instagram account of the show, celebrities disguised as Cotton Candy revealed, “One year I went on a Christmas vacation on the ocean for the holidays.” Getaway to celebrate Christmas 2012

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When she was revealed to be one of 10 contestants competing in Season 1 of “The Masked Dancer,” Cotton Candy was described as “sweet like candy.” The description applies to Gabby Douglas like “The Masked Dancer”. Of course!

We won’t know if Gabby Douglas is Cotton Candy until she’s revealed. This will happen only if she loses a match or wins the show. Do you think we understand Cotton Candy’s real name? Sound off in the comments section with your best guess.

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