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The state calls on Azerbaijan to draw its troops back from the Armenian border.

On Friday, the Foreign Ministry urged Azerbaijan to pull its forces near the border with Armenia amid growing tensions between the two countries.

The criticism comes after the Biden’s administration approved the delivery of U.S. security and military aid to Azerbaijan, which has been pushed back by Democrats.

Jalina Porter, State Department deputy spokeswoman, did not answer questions from The Hill whether the administration would revoke the funding. But it is a criticism of Azerbaijan’s actions.

“We are monitoring the situation closely along the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the military movement in the disputed territory is irresponsible and also unnecessarily provocative,”

; she said.

“We have seen reports of some withdrawals and are welcome if they are confirmed. But we expect Azerbaijan to immediately pull back all its forces and halt further provocation. We also call on both sides to address the issue of zoning through discussions and negotiations. ”

Armenia was warning that Azerbaijan launched an invasion into its territory on Wednesday, a charge denied by Azerbaijan, saying only border guards were used in the region.

The latest dispute comes less than six months after Armenia and Azerbaijan signed a ceasefire that ended a month of deadly conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh territory.

agent Adam SchiffLone Wolf actor Adam Bennett Schiff poses the greatest threat to the country, the FBI DHS summarizes the state’s call on Azerbaijan to draw forces back from the DNC-planned Armenian border. To project GOP calling ‘Trump’s party’ in his DC hotel after Cheney voted further. (D-Calif.), The chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee expressed deep concern over reports of the alleged border intrusion and called for a review of US policy against Azerbaijan.

“It has been time ago for the United States to recognize that our policies have made President Azer Ilham Aliyev strengthen his military strength and risk another war,” he said in a statement to The He. Call

Schiff called the Biden administration’s decision to issue a waiver that allows military and security aid to be sent to Azerbaijan “unfair”.

“Azerbaijan is taking these actions just days after the Foreign Ministry issued an unjustified waiver of restrictions under Article 907 to direct assistance to Azerbaijan,” he said. Military to countries that routinely violate human rights; and Violates neighbor’s sovereignty “

Section 907 of the Arms Export Control Act requires the State Department to certify to Congress that US security assistance to Azerbaijan will not lead to regional conflicts and issue a waiver so that it can submit a conflict. Can help Waivers have been issued annually since 2002.

Secretary of state Anthony BlinkAntony BlinkenState called on Azerbaijan to pull its forces back from the Armenian border.Progressive groups called on Biden to condemn the expulsion of Palestinians as ‘War crimes’ why women are great diplomats – Tales from ‘Strong girl negotiator’ MORE Notifying parliament in April that it is issuing a waiver under Section 907, the move is likely to draw increased scrutiny amid a recent dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

senator Bob MenendezRobert (Bob) Menendez, tensions among Democrats over US-Israeli policy, the Senate Democrats rush to limit Biden’s wartime power. Reviving more laws banning ‘ghost guns’ (DN.J.), who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, criticized Azerbaijan for causing a conflict with Armenia and urged the Biden administration to “have Contribute to this issue at the highest level “

The US, France and Russia are affiliates of the Minsk group that, since 1992, have sought to work with both Armenia and Azerbaijan to negotiate a political solution to the state of Nagorno-Karabakh And other disputes between countries in the former Soviet Union.

Recent disputes have been the focus of French President Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Jean-Michel MacronState urged Azerbaijan to draw forces back from the Armenian border, with thousands of protesting in the French city to fight climate change Biden to record video messages for additional ‘Vax Live’ concerts.It released a statement on Thursday criticizing Azerbaijan and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for calling his counterparts in Baku and Yerevan.

Phillip Riger, assistant secretary general of the European and Eurasian Secretariat, has spoken separately with Armenia and Azerbaijan’s foreign ministers over the past two days, according to its foreign ministry.

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