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The Strange Warzone bug provides players with 8 weapons at once from a single drop.

A new bug appears in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3, and while this glitch leaves players with reloading weapons. (And less annoying than most accidental exploits), but it can cost your teammates.

In the rare break from the game bug is almost constant. (Or at least a hugely inconvenient) that has plagued Warzone since its release, a new glitch has surfaced for some players in Season 3, which would benefit them rather than ruin their time in Verdansk.

This particular unintentional gameplay mechanic is a bizarre occurrence linked to the drop in the game’s load.

Call of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop 2 Final

Every Warzone veteran knows that rapid weight loss is key to a successful race.

The first bizarre glitch began to spread on social media in less than two weeks into Battle Royale’s third season of Black Ops, in a post shared to Reddit by one Warzone player they showed. Represents a surprising direct duplication of weapons

In the clip, you can see the players sorted through the drop-off screen, where you can select a set of 10 weapons from your current selection.After selecting a class, the weapon will appear in the player’s inventory. But two unintended side effects followed shortly after.

The decrease in the load is lost. (What should happen only after your whole team has picked their equipment) and four copies of each weapon. (In this case HDR and RPG sniper) appears on the ground next to the collapsed crate.

Load Bug? (Duplicate weapon) from CODWarzone.

At first glance, it seems that this flaw can be very useful by providing multiple load packs for free. (And in some cases this will certainly be helpful) However, it still takes time with teammates who are unable to choose their own loadout before it goes wrong.

In the comments of the Reddit post, other players reported the same thing happened to them. But they discovered, “Even if you get four loads. But the box will disappear, so your friend will not be able to get it. [own] Only your weapon [on] Ground. “

If you and your Warzone friends take the same class, all of these can come in very handy, as you get five loads down at once. However, if each of your teammates likes different play styles, they may resent you for giving up the opportunity.

While Raven Software is still not following up on the issue. But it is likely that the developers will pick up the bug shortly and try to fix it. If you run into the glitch before then, be sure to enjoy your free guns – watch out for your teammates if you waste your weapons in the process.

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