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The study says waiting months between Pfizer volumes creates a much stronger defense – HotAir.

Who again gave up the idea of ​​spacing between the first and second dosing in the United States months ago, back when the UK began to adopt the approach. “First volume first”

Oh yes. It is. That man.

“We are telling people [two shots] Is what you should do … and we say ‘Ah, we have changed our minds’? [Anthony] Fauci said, “I think that’s going to be the least messaging challenge.”

Fauci said science does not support second-off delays for those vaccines, citing research that the double-injection system provides adequate protection to protect against the more contagious strains of the coronavirus in the virus. While a single injection could put Americans at risk. Such species were first detected in South Africa. He also said there is insufficient evidence about the benefits of a single shot of Pfizer or Moderna, or how long the immunity received from a single injection will last. How durable is that, ”he said.

The UK went ahead with a strategy that calls for delaying the second dose of Pfizer and Moderna by three months instead of three to four weeks so that the vaccine can be paid to large numbers. Because the first drug provides a strong defense (But it might not be as durable.) The idea is that the country could approach herd immunity more quickly if more people were given just one drug, rather than two.

Two and a half months later, with the UK just beginning to cancel the country recently, their case curve looks like this:

The average daily deaths across the country were reduced to… nine people, one figure.

But wait a minute. The “first drug” strategy not only helps Great Britain quickly crush the curves. But may also result in remarkable immunity. With some vaccines, delaying the booster shot will result in a higher dose of the antibody if the booster was given soon after the first dose, as we did in the US from our studies. New from the United Kingdom, the same thing is Happened to Pfizer Vaccine By pushing out a second drug for three months, the British may prepare their population for exceptionally strong immunity after a booster.

Most people who get both shots of the vaccine are well protected regardless of time. But a stronger response from an increased delay could lead to longer protection as antibody levels naturally decrease over time …

Scientists analyzed blood samples from 175 over the 80 years after the first vaccination and again two to three weeks after the booster dose. Among the 99 participants, there was a second shot after three weeks, while 73 waited 12 weeks after the second intake.All had antibodies to the virus blocking protein. But levels were 3.5 times higher in the 12-week group..

The researchers then looked at the other arm of the immune system, the T cells that destroy infected cells. They found that the response of T cells decreased when the booster was delayed. But it fell to a similar extent when people were tested more than three months after the first shot.

We can have many * positive * vaccinated some of them much faster, which could save many lives. Fauci blew it again.

Isn’t he?

Hmm wait

Today is the same day that the good news about the guidelines. Britain is grappling with ominous news about the variant B.1.617, known as the “first volume”. The “redundant mutation”, also known as an Indian variant, may or may not be present. Causing the country to kneel (Scientists are still unsure of the degree to which B.1.617 is responsible for the Indian apocalyptic epidemic), the UK’s chief medical adviser, who was responding to Britain’s Fauci, warned the country this morning. That if that variable is as intimidating as the basics suggest The future might be worse than they expected:

“We expect that over time this variable will overtake and influence in the UK the way the Kent breed does,” he added.

Scientific advisory for emergencies has said there are The “real possibility” that the variable could be “More than 50% transmittance” than the Kent breed..

Public Health England said on Thursday. Increased from 520 to 5 May to 1,313.

The “Kent strain” is what you and I know as the British B.1.1.7 breed, which has spread rapidly in Europe and is currently burning through parts of India. That one is known for its high throughput capability. But the British have reason to believe that the Indian breed may be more contagious than the home-grown variant.

This, if true, could help explain how India went from a mild epidemic to hell on Earth in a month or so.

Independent journalists cut another key quote from today’s UK report on the variables:

“A significant revival of hospitalization,” Boris Johnson told his component today, “I have to ask you to the degree that this new variant may halt our progress and that this is a very important factor. It might make it harder to take the fourth step in June. ”When the country should finally emerge from its launch, imagine the launch of a national immunization program doing remarkably well. A bewildering strain arrives while you’re about to get your normal dividends.

But here are the players:

The “first quantity” strategy means that many Britons are still partially defended at a time when the Indian variables are ready to burn across the country. The primary indication is the mRNA vaccine. Should Work with variables, although they may be less productive. But one could guess how well they would work with someone who was given a single dose. Johnson was so concerned about it that he urged first-dose recipients to get their second in eight weeks instead of the standard 12, and he sent the army to certain locations to speed up vaccination. Before B.1.617 began to rampage.

So the Fauci might be right … If the Indian breed goes wild internationally, we might be glad we care to make sure Americans are fully vaccinated as quickly as possible.

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