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The Suicide Squad Weasel is inspired by classic cartoon characters.

Sean Gunn plays Weasel in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

Alas, Thbbft!
screenshot: A. Warner Brothers

weaselDying. This is not a spoiler. I can’t imagine James Gunn. suicide squad A movie that kills a lot of villains and rude and rude human beasts doesn’t exist. among Still, I hope he survives as Gunn recently revealed the inspiration for a movie that features characters from DC Comics. And it’s just… (Chef kisses).

Gunn dropped this little fact on Twitter with a picture of his brother Sean. who performed motion capture for Weasel (and rocket raccoon during Guardians of the Galaxy movies). And the inspiration is… I’ll give you a hint: Uck!

I am going to write an article as if everyone reading this is closely familiar with the classic 80s comics. Bloom County by Berkeley Breathe as I am Then I realized that it couldn’t be true. His orange fur and black stripes indicate that Bill the Cat It’s a parody of Garfield designed to be so disgusting that he can’t sell it at all. (This failed. Many of Bill’s items were sold. not as much as Garfield) while he could speak. He only said/screamed “Ack!” and “Thbbft!” because he was so stressed after alcohol abuse, drug addiction and mild abuse. At the time of this cartoon Bill was the head of the heavy metal band Deathtongue, an evangelist, a Soviet spy, the occasional death. and a three-time presidential candidate (once he died), he still has his brain alternating with Donald Trumpstay for a while

To be honest, the only thing that would make this story even better would be if Bill the Cat took the place of Weasel in the commits suicide. Highly unlikely. But after the movie’s release on August 6th, there are almost a few gaps in the team roster…

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