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The Test of Biden’s Great Power Begins – WSJ

The U.S. Navy announced Tuesday that the Odor Roosevelt hit carrier had entered the South China Sea to “Active duty” amid China’s maritime conflict with the Philippines China’s provocation comes as Russia ramps up its forces near Ukraine, the Biden administration may have been tested early on whether liberal multilateralism could deter the resolving powers driving U.S. interests.

The Philippines began sounding warnings last month that 220 Chinese militia ships, at one point, occupied the Whitsun Reef in the western part of the archipelago. Warship equivalent to Russia’s “little green man”, a Chinese military-affiliated fleet, could disguise itself as a fishing fleet to give Beijing the credibility of denying it as it sank in disputed waters.

An analysis by two researchers from the United States Naval War College last week found that “no evidence of fishing was carried out during the laser-focused operation.”

; But there are indications that the deception has been made to claim territory

For more than a decade, China has moved vigorously to build power over waters around the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, building military facilities and threatening other nations’ commercial ships.In 2016, an international court said China broke the law. In the South China Sea Last summer’s Trump administration punished companies involved in building an illegal island there.

China appears to be delaying its military buildup on the archipelago. But for now it may be resumed. It appears to be intended to dominate Southeast Asia’s waterways, among other things, allowing Taiwan to invade Taiwan. Any slow or reverse action will need to be coordinated with “The Quad” – Japan, Australia and India, as well as Southeast Asian countries that have directly violated sovereignty from aggression. Vietnam is one of the most vocal in the condemnation of China’s maritime adventure cult.

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