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The Trump administration has plans for last-minute international trips to Europe and Taiwan.

Washington – The US ordered a last-minute shutdown by top envoys to visit allies in Europe and Taiwan on Tuesday in an impromptu diplomatic action on the Trump administration’s turbulent last day. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to make a final official visit to Europe, while Washington’s United Nations ambassador Kelly Craft is scheduled to land in Taiwan on Wednesday afternoon.

But the visit was abruptly canceled a week before Democrat Joe Biden took office, and as President Donald Trump faces a second impeachment, it said. Finding incite his supporters to attack Congress last week

U-turn points enclose a turbulent moment of change that has shrouded Washington since Biden̵

7;s November election victory.

But it also allows both Europe and Taiwan to avoid hosting what could possibly be an unauthorized executive delegation.

“It was very late in the game for this level of visitation,” Maggie Lewis, an analyst with Taiwan-based Seton Hall Law School, told AFP. It’s the last day of the Trump administration. ”

Secretary of State Pompeo takes his family on a tour of the White House.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo walks the grounds of the White House on December 11, 2020 in Washington.


The canceled trip ended a turbulent four years of foreign policy under Mr Trump who tested Washington’s traditional ally in both Europe and Asia.

A two-day stay in Europe will be Pompeo’s last overseas trip. But the State Department announced that he would stay home to make sure the changes would. The US mission to the UN confirmed to CBS News’ Pamela Falk that the cancellation of the State Department’s trip would include Ambassador Craft’s trip to Taiwan.

Pompeo sterilized?

Pompeo’s expedition was seen as having limited diplomatic value, with the foreign minister indefinitely meeting senior EU officials in Brussels.

In Luxembourg, an official told AFP that Pompeo’s one-way trip was canceled after Foreign Secretary Jean Asselborn called Trump a “Criminals” in their comments to RTL radio

Aselborn described Mr Trump as “Politically competent to be brought to court” last week, his supporters attacked the US government.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg saw Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn during the North Atlantic Council roundtable at NATO headquarters in Brussels in a day file photo. 1st December 2015

AP / Virginia Mayo

Reuters, citing an anonymous European diplomat, reported on Wednesday that Pompeii’s Brussels and Luxembourg visits were canceled after Asselborn and EU officials refused to schedule a meeting with. America’s top diplomat

Pompeo is scheduled to meet in Brussels with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg over dinner on Wednesday, and will then sit down with Belgian Foreign Secretary Sophieville.

Allies caught on camera mocking Trump

02:05 a.m.

Pompeo has remained loyal to Trump, despite resigning from his cabinet post, and calling for the president to leave office due to attacks on government agencies.

Have a high relationship with Taiwan

Craft’s planned visit to Taiwan comes at a perilous time for self-governing democracy. The authoritarian China considers Taiwan its territory and vows to seize it one day if necessary.

Beijing’s saber has reached new heights with Chinese jets setting a record 380 strikes in Taiwan’s defenses last year to signal anger over Washington’s burgeoning relationship with Taipei over the past year. Trump’s past

China increases political interference in Taiwan.

07:58 a.m.

The stakes are high The wrong move in the Taiwan Strait could spark a conflict between the two nuclear-armed economic powers, something the Biden administration will have to contend with.

The United States changed diplomatic recognition to Beijing in 1979, but it remains Taipei’s top ally and remains bound with Congress to sell weapons on the island to protect itself.

While Trump has feuds with China over issues ranging from coronavirus to trade and national security, Taipei has emerged as a means of boosting Beijing.

During his tenure, Trump signed a $ 18 billion signing. Massive arms deals for Taiwan And increase the frequency of Official visitThis includes last year’s submission to the official cabinet, the highest level of delegation since 1979.

Then, on Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he was lifting “complex internal restrictions” to restrict formal contact with Taiwan. Beijing immediately warned that Washington would “Received a decisive response from China” for the move and “Pay heavy “if you visit the craft.

Interview with US Ambassador Kelly Craft

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Protecting Taiwan, one of Asia’s most advanced democracies from Chinese aggression, has become a rare two-part problem in Washington.

But Biden, who favored a less-than-face diplomatic form of diplomacy, provided little details about his Taiwan policy.

Bonnie Glaser, a Taiwanese and Chinese expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Taipei would be “disappointed but somewhat relieved” by Craft’s last-minute cancellation.

“Taiwan doesn’t want to create friction with the incoming management,” she told AFP.

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