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The Trump Organization Has Until Monday to Settle Criminal Charges: WaPo

  • Lawyers for the Trump Organization have until Monday to ban prosecutors from suing WaPo, reports WaPo.
  • On Thursday, Trump’s attorneys met with investigators and said the criminal charges seemed possible.
  • Prosecutors have investigated whether the Trump Organization violated the law in financial agreements.

Lawyers for the Trump Organization have until Monday to convince prosecutors not to file criminal charges. A source told The Washington Post.

Monday’s deadline came days after The New York Times reported that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office told former President Donald Trump’s lawyers that his firm could face criminal charges.

Attorneys for Trump met with Manhattan prosecutors on Thursday to try to persuade them not to bring the allegations, according to The Post, meetings like this are common in financial investigations. and allows defense attorneys to present evidence before a decision is made to prosecute.

Trump’s attorney, Ron Fischetti, confirmed the meeting with NBC News, saying: “It looks like they’re going to be suing the company. And that is extremely disgusting.”

“The corporate office will not plead guilty and we will immediately file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the company,” Fischetti said.

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Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. and New York Attorney General Letitia James spent more than two years searching for Trump’s company. The investigation examined the Trump Organization’s financial deals, including whether the company manipulated the value of its assets for tax and loan benefits.

Prosecutors also questioned witnesses about the benefits they received from company executives. They may ask if tax payments are appropriate for them.

It is unclear whether prosecutors will indict the Trump Organization, Trump himself, CFO Allen Weisselberg, or other executives.

Vance’s office called a meeting. A “special jury” last month to hear testimony from insider Jacob Shamsian reported. The jury will decide whether to sue Trump, the Trump Organization or other executives.

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