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The tvOS 14.5 beta code suggests 120Hz support on newer Apple TVs.

We’ve been hearing rumors about the next Apple TV for over a year now, and while more evidence is found, Apple’s plans for set-top boxes are not yet known, however. 9 to 5Mac A reference to 120Hz support was found in the tvOS 14.5 beta code, something that does not apply to current Apple TVs due to hardware limitations.

Several “120Hz” and “120Hz Support” references have been added to tvOS’s PineBoard in the latest beta release. For those unfamiliar with this, PineBoard is an internal name for the system that controls the Apple TV interface, similar to SpringBoard on the iPhone and iPad.These references strongly suggest that at least Apple is testing 1

20Hz mode for Apple TV. Internally

However, it is important to point out that the Apple TV 4K currently does not support 120Hz, despite a software update. That’s because current Apple TVs have an HDMI 2.0 port which is limited to 4K resolution at 60Hz.To enable 4K resolution at 120Hz, an HDMI 2.1 port is required.

With a higher refresh rate, the interface will feel much smoother, and games will benefit from this technology. Of course, you also need a TV that supports 120Hz.

Back in 2019, a source told me. 9 to 5Mac A new generation of Apple TVs with HDMI 2.1 port is under development. Meanwhile, a leak known as Longhorn said that the new Apple TV (listed as Apple TV 11,1) will have an A12 chip.More references on this model were found in the tvOS 13.4 beta, but Apple has never introduced the product.

Recently, Bloomberg It is reported that the upgraded Apple TV is still on track in 2021, and while we believe there will be a new remote, Apple is working with the cable company to offer a universal remote control that works with the Apple TV.

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