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The two campuses appear to have leaked ahead of the official disclosure.

Two Point Campus, a follow-up to Two Point Hospital, appears to have leaked from the Microsoft Store ahead of its official release.

The Microsoft Store page was discovered by @ _h0x0d_ and revealed that Two Point Campus is yet another “revolutionary management sim” that allows players to create their own universities, explore student personalities and meet their needs, hire staff, and more. Many others.

Screenshot Two Point Campus.

Such distortions are seen in courses that range from “Knight’s School (Wait a minute, we all have to learn a race at some point in our lives) to salivating cooking, where your students can cook mouth-watering delicacies like giant pizzas and pizzas. A gigantic pie “

Players will be able to maneuver with new easy-to-use tools, grow outdoor animals, benches, sculptures, hedges, fences, and much more.

Two Point Hospital made headlines last week as a crossover with Sonic was confirmed in Sonic Central’s 30th anniversary stream, which will feature free items and hedgehog-themed staff outfits that everyone loves. like

In our review of Two Points Hospital, we said: “Restoring the health of business management games with surprising depth and humor”

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