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The U.S.-China race does not have to end in conflict, experts say.

U.S.-China relations may focus on competition. But it is possible for Biden’s management to address such positive dynamics.

Scott Kennedy, senior adviser and chair of China Business and Economics at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said he was quite optimistic about the new US strategic approach to Beijing.

“There are risks everywhere you look. Of course it is and we have to be prepared for them. I would say I am optimistic about it,”

; CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia said on Friday.

“For the most part, the Chinese are pursuing it. But not above the US, it just has to build its own land, and to some extent this will be a major competition, I think this race can be managed creatively without necessarily resulting in conflict, ”Kennedy argues. observe

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Kennedy pointed to the latest speech by US coordinator Kurt Campbell for Indo-Pacific Affairs in the National Security Council, calling them the most comprehensive statement the Biden’s administration had. Doing about Chinese policy But still in public

During an online event organized by Stanford University on Wednesday, Campbell said there is now a new set of strategic parameters as it arrives in China and that the timing of the battle is over.

“The dominant paradigm is competition. Our goal is to make a stable and peaceful competition that brings out the best in us,” he said, warning. “There should be a period ahead, which will have a moment. Of concern “

Relations between the US and China have deteriorated under the Trump administration. The two countries engage in a devastating trade war, compete technologically and fight each other on issues including human rights and the origins of Covid-19.

Initial signs, however, indicate that President Joe Biden’s team is not intended to change the wry approach and agree with the previous administration on several “touchy” issues involving China.

To counter China’s growing influence, the United States needs to form a global alliance and not act alone, according to Kennedy.

“In some places we won’t have as many connections (with China) and will have to do with allies and allies around the world, not just the US.”

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