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The U.S. suicide rate has dropped 6 percent over the past year, even amid an epidemic: AP

Suicide rates in the United States fell nearly 6 percent last year, the biggest drop in four decades despite shutdowns, deaths and other problems caused by the coronavirus outbreak, according to preliminary data. Government audited by The Associated Press.

Less than 45,000 suicides were reported last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lowest number of suicides in the United States since 2015.

The dialing service stated that the death certificate was still coming in. But officials expect the cuts to persist.

The number of suicides in the United States hit the highest in 201

8, the highest since 1941, according to the AP.The 2018 figure comes after nearly two decades of steadily increasing suicide rates starting at the beginning of the decade. 2000

There was a slight decline in patient records in 2019 as a result of increased mental health screening along with other suicide prevention methods.

The reasons for the decline in 2020 are unclear. But one expert told the AP that it could be caused by common phenomena seen in the early days of natural disasters and war.

“There are moments of courage at all times of disasters where we come together and express many messages of support that we share together,” said Christine Mutier, chief medical officer of the American Foundation for the Prevention of Disaster Prevention. Suicide told the outlet, “You saw that, at least in the early months of the outbreak.”

Moutier said the drop could be due to the availability of telehealth services.

Mutier said she wanted to see a demographic segmentation of suicide when reported by the CDC, however, saying it was possible that suicide was not declining among youths and young adults.

“It is possible that we will see the total mental health spread of this outbreak,” Mutier told the outlet.

The news comes just days after a study published by the Lancet Psychiatry medical journal found that 1 in 3 COVID-19 survivors were diagnosed with psychological or neurological symptoms six months after infection.

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