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The UAW needs the EV tax benefit to count only cars made in America.

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If you buy an electric car –Any Electric cars – In the US, you are now eligible for a $ 7,500 tax benefit, but United Auto Workers (UAW) wants to change that. It needs motivation to only Qualified for an assembled EV in the US.

The dissatisfaction of trade unions is not unfounded and is rooted in General Motors Decisions To customize Ramos Arizpe The Mexico-based plant is going to produce an EV, and it will spend about $ 1 billion to make that happen.Yesterday, the UAW called it a slap in the face because of a big push from the Biden administration to switch from gas. Is electric power The hope is that the growing demand for EVs will result in more jobs in the US. But it doesn’t seem like that.

For its part, GM claimed the UAW should be pleased with the fact that it added 9,000 through its new EV or battery cell plants in Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. But jobs are jobs, and many are desperate for what guarantees more job creation in the United States, especially with the massive layoffs of COVID-19.

So, UAW Vice President Terry Dittes. specify, “The UAW is working with the Biden administration and Congress to ensure the final legislation expanding subsidies for electric vehicles is clear that those investments help support the employment of U.S. workers. ”

In some way do It appears to be the target of the Biden administration.Previously, President Joe Biden had demanded $ 174 billion to boost production, sales and EV infrastructure in the United States. The world is in the production of electric cars and batteries. ”And he offers an additional $ 100 billion in rebate to new consumers.

At the same time, there are significant conflicts of interest. Yes, it would be ideal to use electricity and support American work in the process. But the weather situation is quite dire. Although the world does manage to reduce its carbon footprint to meet acceptable standards. But we still have to face Widespread change To the face of the world That may wreak havoc on life as we know it. If adding people to greener vehicles as quickly as possible is the ultimate goal, reducing incentives on the EV segment might not be a good idea.

President Biden also did not respond to the UAW’s statement on the federal tax benefit limitation.

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