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The US CDC found more cases of coagulation after the J&J vaccine saw a causal link.

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Violence in Israel challenges Biden’s ‘stand up’ approach

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden takes office in January with little interest in following the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement for understandable reasons. President Bill Clinton hosted the first-year Israel-Palestine Summit in the White House. President Barack Obama appointed Middle East Peace Ambassadors on the second day of his tenure. And before taking the oath, Donald Trump has vowed to an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement “that no one else can do.”

; They all failed to reach a peace agreement, as did President George. W. Bush, who later took up the presidency. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times.Even before the recent explosion of violence in Israel and Gaza, analysts agree that the prospects for a successful negotiation still seem hopeless in the term. The near time by both sides was not prepared to make concessions. Others would claim Biden and most of his senior advisers accepted the status quo. It is committed to shifting the focus of America’s foreign policy to China from the Middle East and a lack of a reliable alliance in the unstable Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister in the role. Furious against the Palestinians, Biden has issued a familiar testimonial. Of a two-state solution, while taking little effort to drive the two But as growing riots, rocket attacks in Tel Aviv, Israel and air strikes in Gaza, threaten to escalate into major conflicts, a growing call in the Democratic Party. To give Biden a more active role Some liberals have called on him to challenge Israel’s settlement activities more aggressively, which makes it harder to resolve peace with the Palestinians. “The problem in the Middle East is that you can try to turn your back on it. But it won’t turn your back on, ”said Martin S. Indiek, former US ambassador to Israel and former special envoy to Israel – Palestinian negotiations. Biden executive officials on Tuesday called on both sides to express restraint. In recent days, US officials have pressured Israeli and Palestinian officials in private conversations to avoid the tense tensions and have issued a successful plea to postpone the Israeli court ruling in the Israeli Tribunal. The expulsion of a Palestinian family in East Jerusalem, which has helped lead to the latest clashes in the city. Indyk said he did not blame Biden’s approach on “managing conflict rather than conflict resolution” because of the prospect of “conflict resolution”. Peace after Trump’s presidency was dwindling, ending with a heavily supportive Israeli peace plan last year, which the Palestinians rejected upon their arrival, but Indyk said Biden now needs to play a bigger role. And he called for a swift appointment in the empty position of the American ambassador to Jerusalem. Indiek also noted that the president had not spoken to the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas. He also said the administration should reopen the consulate in East Jerusalem, the United States’ main point of contact with the Palestinians, before shutting down under Trump “they need to establish talks with the Palestinians.” The White House said on Tuesday that Biden and Abbas exchanged letters after the 2020 election.U.S. Officials continued to have lower-level private contact with Palestinian officials, including Abbas senior adviser Hussein al-Sheikh. Other Democrats have called on Biden to put more pressure on the Israeli government on settlement activities and territorial claims that they say are barring the prospect of a deal with the Palestinians. Impossible. “If you are persistent and the process of inclusion is creeping allowed to go on without review, it will take effect during this time,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of the Israel Liberal Support Group J Street. Let this be off your list of priorities. But this is a contradiction with a very deeply ingrained issue and they need attention. And if you leave it unattended, it will catch fire and people will get hurt again, ”Ben-Ami said. Democracy has moved to Israel’s left over the past few years, in part because of Netanyahu’s strong alliance with Trump and other Republican leaders, and because of activists and Many of the younger congressmen openly sympathized with the Palestinians over Biden’s version of the issue, after the State Department said last week: “Extremely concerned” about the possibility of a Palestinian family fired from East Jerusalem, some Democrats have blamed Biden’s administration for failing to take more assertive action to stop Israeli citizens. “This is not a time for a boring statement.” At a briefing on Monday, State Department spokesman Ned Price was asked about “this is not a boring statement.” A tweet by Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Who said Jerusalem’s deputy mayor in the proposed eviction prevention, endorsed “ethnic cleansing” Price said the claim was “not what our analysis supports. “Some analysts said that although Biden shared an assessment that the pressure on Israel’s government would have an effect, it would be more likely.” But he may also be wary of further escalating tensions with an Israeli leader concerned about his top priority in the Middle East: an effort to revive a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, where Netanyahu and its senior officials have been in the middle of nowhere. Israel’s other high-profile has long opposed Biden also taking office during a time of great political upheaval against Israel amid a series of failed attempts to form a lasting government and the Palestinians head to elections. – It has since been postponed, which is yet another cause of the unrest today – a complex attempt to clarify. US policy Netanyahu is struggling to seize power and U.S. officials say Abbas’ influence on Palestinian protests and violence driven by terrorist groups and social media is near-zero.Biden still has memories. Since his time as Obama’s vice president called for the suspension of Israeli settlements and territorial concessions that have little effect on long-term policy. But it has been severely politically impacted by Republicans and some Democrats who said Obama did not understand Israeli stability, demand for Republicans to continue to take advantage of the tensions. In the Democratic Party against Israeli policy On Tuesday, Trump released a statement accusing Biden’s “lack of Israeli support led to an attack on our allies.” Support because his own statement to support Israel’s “right to defend” coincides with the discussion of the Biden administration, several Democrats, including private Biden officials, said Trump. The chief executive of the Jewish Democratic Council of America, Halie Soifer, said Trump, which fully supports the Netanyahu settlement policy, challenges warnings about the Palestinian unrest in the “anti-terrorism” of the Palestinians. The US embassy was moved to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. “Willing to intervene in Israel. Domestic politics and elections to pursue his political agenda, regardless of the regional impact or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ”Soifer said, Biden deserves credit for being an advocate during the Obama administration. This is called the Israeli Iron Dome anti-rocket system, which protects the Israeli city from the incoming fire. “Our priority is to restore peace. Our long-term priorities may advance to a mediating role between Israeli and Palestinians, ”State Department spokeswoman Price told reporters on Monday. Before the flames – we were not in a position where I thought we would see meaningful progress, ”he added,“ and our policy accepts that. ”This article appeared in The New York Times. Copyright © 2021 The New York Times Company.

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