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The US commander in Afghanistan warned of the risks of a civil war as security worsened ahead of the final withdrawal.

Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army In Afghanistan it said nationwide security was deteriorating just weeks before the last American forces withdrew.

Gen. Scott Miller, in a rare briefing on Tuesday, said the recent gains from the Taliban were a serious concern. Although not unexpected

“The security situation is not good right now,” he told a small group of reporters. At the quickly empty alliance headquarters in Kabul. “Civil War is definitely a path that can be seen. If this continues the way it is now That would be a global concern.”

in the past few weeks Almost a quarter of the districts In Afghanistan fell to the Taliban side. The Islamist movement gained momentum after President Biden announced in April that US Army All will be gone by September 1


Gen. Miller declined to say when the departure of American forces would be complete. For operational safety reasons, the US military has pulled out more than half of its equipment and personnel. and is expected to complete the withdrawal by mid-July. officials said

Afghan National Security Force which was funded by the United States Billions of dollars over the years It has so far failed to halt Taliban advances. In many cases, the Afghan troops surrendered without a fight. By letting the humvees and weapons the United States Provided to the Taliban

A bonfire of armed forces at US forces in Syria according to AIRSTRIKES.

A recent US intelligence assessment, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, concluded that the Afghan government could fall within six months of the US military’s departure.

Gen. Miller, who has commanded all American forces in Afghanistan since September 2018 and was previously the head of U.S. special operations in the country, stressed that only a political resolution would end the war in Afghanistan. Still, he warns: “If you don’t reduce the violence Solving political problems will become more and more difficult.”

Afghan and U.S. officials have said Afghan security forces have succeeded in retaking some districts in recent days. Balkh provincial council chief Mohammad Afzal Hadid said part of the Kaldar district borders Taji. Kistan and Uzbekistan It was repossessed by Afghan security forces on Tuesday. The attack was carried out by Afghan forces in conjunction with armed forces loyal to Atta Mohammad Noor, the powerful former governor of the Balkh, he said.

According to Hadid, the police headquarters and district governor in Caldar are controlled by Afghan forces. “Fighting is underway now to clear the area,” he said.

Caldar fell to the Taliban three days ago. And the Afghan forces stationed there fled across the Amu Darya River into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Maj. Gen. Kanullah Shuja, the new commander of the 209 Shaheen Forces in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, said his order was expected to begin restoring existing areas. Other strategic values from the Taliban in the next few days.

over the years US military adviser It has called on the Afghan government to focus its efforts on fighting the Taliban in key areas around the city and on major highways. leaving less strategic value in rural areas to the Taliban. Recommendations are even more important now. As Afghan government resources are shrinking. Air Chief Marshal Bismillah Khan, the country’s new defense minister has begun implementing the said strategy General Miller said.

Biden made it clear that there was only one agency tasked with protecting the US embassy. Only in Kabul to remain in Afghanistan, Gen. Miller said a new commander, less than a four-star general, is expected to head that unit.

In the end, the unit could count hundreds of soldiers. Provide security to the embassy and staff as well as maintain very limited consulting capabilities. officials said But the US military mission will come to an end, and the US support For the most part, the Afghan government and security forces will have to go through billions of dollars in aid. Afghan forces may receive such assistance outside the country. including through remote training officials said


Security at Kabul International Airport remains indispensable to the continued presence of Americans at the embassy. The Turkish government agreed, in principle, to keep hundreds of soldiers at the airport and conduct flights in exchange for US financial support. and other terms, however, this Agreement has not been finalized and may be agreed upon. This will stop most major airlines from flying to the Afghan capital.

Lieutenant General Miller, the commander-in-chief of the United States Army The longest-serving tenure since the 2001 American invasion of Afghanistan was asked Tuesday if the legacy of the US’s role was “unacceptable”. What will happen to the conflict in Afghanistan? and US policy here fail

“The legacy will be written in the future,” said Gen. Miller. “When we move forward The future will tell the rest of the story.”

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