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The US ducks question whether East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

On Monday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price questioned whether the Biden’s administration considered East Jerusalem the future capital of the Palestinian state.

At a State Department briefing in Washington, he declined to comment on whether the United States would return funds to the United Nations Relief and Work Organization (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees.

Price clarified that there has been no high-level negotiations between U.S. officials and the Palestinian Authority since President Joe Biden took office on Jan. 20.

Biden was frightened about some of his position when he saw the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but he presented a clarification last week when the United States released the 2020 Nations Human Rights Report, confirming the Trump administration̵

7;s 2017 declaration. That Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

The report did not say whether East Jerusalem was the future capital of the Palestinian state, although the Biden administration made clear it supported a two-state vote on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has separately clarified that the US embassy will remain in Jerusalem.

In a State Department briefing, Associated Press correspondent Matt Lee sought to pin prices into an ambitious component of US policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Do you still believe that solving the two-state problem will result in Palestinians having a capital city in East Jerusalem?” He asked.

“These are not yes-no Matt – just clarification,” Price replied.

“Yes, but yes or no” Lito

“There has been no change in our position in Jerusalem and Jerusalem is certainly the last state issue to which both sides have to negotiate,” Price said.

“But the previous government had declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Lee said.

“Our position in Jerusalem has not changed,” Price said.

Likewise, he barely spoke when other journalists asked if the Biden’s administration would return funds to UNRWA, which former President Donald Trump eliminated under the Obama administration.The United States provided an annual grant to the unit. Over $ 350 million in jobs

Price confirmed that the United States intends to fund the Palestinians, noting that it has pledged $ 15 million for aid in the COVID-19 epidemic, but he would not agree to recover UNRWA’s funds.

“We are also looking for ways in which we can provide assistance to Palestinians, including Palestinian refugees,” he added.

Price spoke of the Biden’s commitment to restoring diplomatic ties between the United States and Palestinians, which was cut during Trump’s four-year term.

“It is clear that the participation of the Palestinian people and Palestinian leaders is important,” he said.

High-level discussions have taken place between the Trump administration and PA.

But Biden has never spoken to President Mahmoud Abbas or PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh Blinken.

Biden, on the other hand, spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blinken had three conversations with Secretary of State Gabi Ashkenazi.

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