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The vaccine will be available to people 65 years and older :: WRAL.com

North Carolina will expand the COVID-19 vaccine protocol by offering images to people 65 and older, Roy Cooper said Thursday.

The change is linked to changing federal guidelines, raising the younger age group of people to 75 and older, which states have begun vaccinating in recent days.

This will open the vaccine to millions of people in North Carolina. That’s more than what the state has on hand, so the dosing of these drugs can take weeks or longer.

Cooper spoke Thursday morning to the NC Association of County Commissioners’ virtual reality rally. Said it will be more details later. Ministry of Health and Human Services Dr. Mandy Cohen plans a press conference at 2 p.m.

“We are going to open up criteria for people 65 and over,”

; the governor said. “So not only But only people aged 75 and older are allowed to get the COVID-19 vaccine at this time, but … people 65 and older are given along with their healthcare provider. “

Cooper asked the district commission to encourage their local health departments, which are managing the logistics for the slow-moving early vaccine rollouts, to use the doses delivered as quickly as possible. He asked the Commission It was “a top priority” and said they needed to press health authorities to record the doses provided in the state’s vaccine tracking system.

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Health authorities have criticized the system for being time consuming and inconvenient. Instead, the information returned to the state will be used to determine future vaccine allocations. Cooper encouraged the county government to seek all the assistance it needs, including the logistics of appointment and data entry.

He also asked the county commanders to be a good example, wear a mask and be socially detached.

“The next few months will be tough,” says Cooper. “No matter how many people we get vaccinated, we know we won’t be able to get months of immunity. Therefore, our defense efforts are more important than ever. I ask everyone to give an example. “

He also reiterated that they passed local ordinances to enforce masks and other documents he submitted from the state level. Some have criticized the governor for delivering orders throughout the state. But leave it to local authorities to enforce it or leave them largely un-enforced.

“We asked the sheriff and others to help us with this because we can save lives,” Cooper said Thursday morning.

WRAL News Ali Ingersoll’s investigative information correspondent contributed to this report.

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