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The video shows a 4-year-old Dallas child being killed from a bed.

DALLAS – About two hours before a four-year-old was found dead on a street in Dallas, a man lifted the sleeping boy from bed and carried him, court documents said, citing the matter. Home surveillance video

The boy, who authorities said on Monday, was being cared for by Cache’s father’s boyfriend, police said. The girlfriend, who said Cash’s father had been absent since March, said the person who took cash out of bed at 5am Saturday was 18-year-old Darriynn Brown, police said.

A PENNSYLVANIA teen was charged with a sister suspected of seeking mental health protection, lawyers said.

Police detective watched a home surveillance video with his girlfriend indicating Brown was the man who had taken the child from his crib, according to the detective̵

7;s arrest certificate obtained from The Dallas Morning News. Details about Brown’s relationship with Cash’s family, or provide any explanation for Brown accepting Cash.

Brown was arrested for kidnapping and burglary.

A girlfriend called the police before 11:00 AM Saturday to say the cash was gone. Meanwhile, police found the boy died around 6:50 am, about half a mile from her home.

Assistant Police Chief Albert Martinez said the child appeared to have died violently and that a “knife weapon” was used.

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Brown’s bond is set at $ 1.5 million, his lawyer Robbie McClung said on Monday she had not met him yet, so she could not be reached for comment.

The official said an additional bill was expected once the forensic evidence was examined.

Dallas police also said Cash’s mother was unaware that he and his twin brother were in the custody of her father’s girlfriend and mum’s girlfriend was looking for her son. Police said Cash’s twins were already with his mother.

Brown was arrested on April 27 for evading arrest in a pending case. According to court documents for the charges, he lived with his parents just half a mile from where the boy’s body was found. Neighbors said Brown was known to have walked in the area.

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