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The video shows a South Carolina state official repeatedly fooling a black man before he died in prison.

Officials in South Carolina on Friday published body-worn video footage and details of the last hours of the life of Jamal Sutherland, a black man who died in January after he was peppered with pepper spray and was hit by the police. Shocked with Taser in his cell.

Jamal Sutherland in a video released before her death at the Al Cannon Detention Center in North Charleston, South Carolina.Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

Sutherland, 31

, was arrested on January 4 after the birth. A “big battle” took place at a psychiatric facility where he was receiving mental health treatment, according to a statement made by North Charleston Mayor Keith Sommay, he said the town’s police department did the job of delivering Sutherland “safely.” “From the place to the cell

The next morning, Charleston County Sheriff’s deputies attempted to remove Sutherland from his cell to listen to the binding.

In the video, two sheriff’s deputies are outside Sutherland’s cell and the other uses a shot gun or a stun gun, and appears to have been repeatedly used as Sutherland cries in pain and writhes. On the floor

The event timeline published by Charleston-based NBC subsidiary WBCD states that pepper spray was also used. Sutherland was evidently dead an hour and 15 minutes after officers first attempted to remove him from prison and after nearly an hour after trying to save his life.

The county’s coroner’s office said the autopsy showed the cause of death to be “” the cause of death. “Excited states with undesirable pharmacotherapy effects during digestion,” according to the WBCD.

Charleston Sheriff Christine Graziano described the Jan. 5 incident as “A terrible tragedy” and said she “waited for the family’s desire to keep the video private until ready”.

“Our officer fired Sutherland from his cell that morning to ensure he receives a timely hearing as required by law,” Graziano said in a statement. Their complexity is the growing impact that Mr. Sutherland suffers as a result of mental illness. This tragedy has revealed an opportunity to review existing policies. ”

Sutherland family lawyer Mark Peper said on Friday: “People with mental health problems have the same civil rights as you and me and all the rich and wealthy people in the world.”

Pepper said Sutherland’s “last question on the planet” is “What is the meaning of this?”

“We’ll answer that question,” said Peper.

Jamal’s mother, Amy Sutherland, told the media on Friday she was proud of her son.

“Mentally ill can also say that ‘Thank you, Jesus, take care of me,’ ”she said.“ I want you to know that Jamal is a great man, he is as guilty as everyone else, but he’s a great guy.

“I don’t want violence in my city,” she continued. “I want us to watch this tape and I want us to learn what we don’t want it to happen here.”

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