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The Virginia deputy said he was treated like George Floyd or Emmett Till when ordered to resign on allegations of rape.

“We cannot theoretically say what is going on in general. But we have a real-world example where I was falsely accused of 2019, ”said Fairfax, a black man. “Everyone on stage immediately urged me to resign, including Terry McAuliffe … He treated me like George Floyd, he treated me like Emmett Till – no action required.

CNN has contacted McAuliffe for comment on the Fairfax statement.

The governor’s filter speech was unanswered and questions arose about the treatment and trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged with Floyd Chauvin’s death. Charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree murder, and his trial is ongoing, Chauvin did not plead guilty.
The murder of Emmett Till, who was only 14 when he was brutally murdered in 1955, is a pivotal moment in the civil rights struggle of the mid-20th century. Violence and discrimination in the south She was falsely accused of flirting with a 21-year-old white woman by taking her husband, Roy Bryant and his brother, and beaten him before shooting him in the head. All white juries were acquitted of murder.

Fairfax said during the response that “The murder of George Floyd is horrible,” added, “recounts the history of Virginia and in our country where African Americans, particularly African-American men, were presumed guilty. Treated inhumane There is no maturity process. “

Fairfax is one of five Democrats vying for the next Virginia governor, along with former Virginia state McAuliffe Dale Jennifer Carroll, Foy Delli Carter and Sen. W. Jennifer McCullan on stage

Democratic government Ralph Northam was unable to run for re-election as the Virginia Constitution forbids the governor from serving two consecutive terms.

The allegations against Fairfax come at a tumultuous time for Virginia politics and come shortly after Northam is accused of appearing in the black pages in a decades-old photograph. As the Northam scandal unfolded, two women accused Fairfax of sexual assault, the first of which went public on a conservative website covering Virginia politics and the second in the Washington Post story.

Fairfax has repeatedly denied the allegations and called for an investigation, saying he was “confident” to make his name clear.

“Due to the nature of these allegations, they should be evaluated by professional law enforcement inspectors with the tools and training to determine whether the allegations are true,” Fairfax said in a statement. At that time

One way or another, all Democrats who were on stage on Tuesday one way or another have called for Fairfax to resign on the 2019 allegations McClellan is the leader of the Black Caucus, lawmakers of the United States. Virginia, when the group called for Fairfax to resign. But did not release a personal statement But it’s true that McAuliffe called for Fairfax’s quick resignation, which has long been a nuisance for the lieutenant governor.

McClellan was the first candidate to respond to Fairfax on Tuesday, saying: “Emmett Till and George Floyd’s murders were traumatic and ignited generations of black people. Lt Gov’s analogy was shocking, indistinct and insensitive.”

Fairfax spokeswoman Lauren Burke responded to criticism of his comments, saying: “Nobody mentioned these allegations were never questioned while his opponents continued to lead justice reform and treatment. Black people overall “

In an interview with CNN earlier this year, Fairfax said voters “It is totally anti-political and traditional personal annihilation tactics that we have seen to have been in force for too long.”

Fairfax’s comments on Tuesday came at the end of an otherwise tame debate focused on fighting the coronavirus, controlling gun violence and improving criminal justice.

McAuliffe, who was stripped of his four-year governor’s office, is trying to do something that few other Virginia do: serve two terms as governor.

Three other Democrats on stage besides Fairfax – Carter Foy and McClellan – also looked at different forms of criticism of McAuliffe. But most of the discussion is focused on what each candidate will do for the position.

McClellan’s most direct attack on McAuliffe came when she said the former governor had He “could go even further” with guns during his four years in office.

Speaking about the coronavirus outbreak affecting families in Virginia, Foy mentioned family student loan debt and childcare expenses, adding: “We need a governor who understands the challenges Virginia families face. I don’t have to be empathetic. Because I understand “

McAuliffe, like most of his campaigns today, focuses on his own plans.

When Foy struck him with a gun, the former governor said the past bill was bipartisan and noted that McClellan, who stood by him, had helped make it through.

McAuliffe has repeatedly tried to position himself as the most experienced person for the job, especially in the midst of a crisis like coronavirus.

The former governor pledged to focus on the epidemic – “I thank you, first of all, Gov. Ralph Northam,” he said in the first response to the debate – and said the Commonwealth would soon have enough vaccines. For everyone – including himself.

“I don’t have it yet, I’m too young,” the 64-year-old former governor said with a smile. “I’m still not fit into this category, so I’m still waiting to get the vaccine. But as soon as we move up, I get “

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