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The wealthy may face up to 61% tax rates on inherited wealth under the Biden plan.

Wealthy families could face combined tariffs of up to 61% on inherited wealth under President Joe Biden’s tax plan, according to a recent analysis and tax accountant.

As part of his American family plan, Biden is proposing to nearly double the maximum tax rate on investment profits and eliminate tax incentives on so-called appreciable assets. “Step up on threshold”, including real estate taxes, higher capital gains rates, and elimination of threshold steps could lead to an overall effective margin of up to 61

%, according to analysis from the Tax Foundation.

The rates will be the highest in nearly a century, according to the Tax Policy Research Group.

“It’s a huge number,” said Brad Sprong, a KPMG partner and lead tax leader for NGOs. “That’s why we’re telling our customers to be smart and start preparing right now.”

It was unclear if Biden’s plan could pass Congress, despite the change. Many moderate Democrats are likely to oppose his proposal to raise the capital raising rate to 39.6%, as well as a plan to eliminate stepping up. On top of that, only the wealthiest few taxpayers will face a 61% rate, many others will try to get away from through tax planning and real estate.

Accountants say many wealthy families are beginning to consider the collective impact of many parts of Biden’s plan, which could include historically high tax rates.

According to analysis by Scott Hodge and Garrett Watson of the Tax Foundation, a family who owns a large number of businesses or stocks and wants to hand over the assets to the heirs could see drastic tax changes. For example, consider an entrepreneur who started a business decades ago that is now worth $ 100 million.Under the current tax regime, the business is passed on to families without taxing capital gains. The value of the business, on the other hand, is “laddered” or adjusted to its present value, and the heirs pay for the capital increase if later sold at a higher value.

Under Biden’s plan, the family is subject to an immediate capital gains tax of $ 42.96 million upon death, reflecting an investment margin of 39.6% plus net investment income tax of 3.8% minus $ 1 million, according to the report. Tax Foundation

Additionally, if the real estate tax remains unchanged, the family will be subject to 40% of the property tax of $ 57.04 million on the remaining property value of $ 57.04 million, including the real estate tax exemption of $ 18.13 million.

Total real estate taxes and capital gains tax liabilities total $ 61.10 million, reflecting the combined effective tax rate of just 61% on the original $ 100 million, according to the Tax Foundation. State grants and estate taxes

Tax experts say real estate taxes and capital gains taxes are highly unusual if never before, tax experts say. If step cuts are eliminated, they say Congress is likely to eliminate or overhaul the estate tax.

“In the past, Congress understood it was a bad policy to collect capital gains and property taxes on the same property,” according to the Tax Foundation.

Sprong’s suggested customers have started building payment and property models in an effort to minimize taxes.He and others also recommend giving the highest gift to family members soon in case the rates rise.

“We’re helping clients build large numbers of models and find the best time to realize profits,” Sprong said.

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