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The wedding is back And the confectioners in Italy were delighted.

SULMONA, Italy — Workers pour sugar over roasted almonds in a copper blender tub. They are set to tumble into a hypnotic tub of chocolate. Collect candies spit out from the packaging machine. and pack white, blue, pink and green varieties on the crates.

While Italy lifted a ban on weddings for more than a year. The production of confetti, a traditional sugar-coated almond dessert that Italian brides scoop up for their wedding guests, roar back. And the entire city of Salmona is experiencing a sugar overflow.

“We’re on the way.” Confetti Pelino confectionery factory Mario Pelino towers like a Wonka over the fertile valley of Abruzzo. which is hidden between the high Apennine Mountains

Salmona may be Ovid’s birthplace. An ancient Roman poet wrote: “The art of love” may have turned into a crossroads for the immigration of the great Italian sheep. There may be some great hikes and special red garlic. But most Italians know it as the land of Italian desserts. which is the ancestral home of a favorite wedding Sometimes known as Jordan Almonds, it’s beloved by southern Italy and omnipresent Italian grandmothers.

last morning The candy shop along Ovid Avenue bloomed with colorful bouquets. Wrap them in colored plastic and tie them together so the almonds look like petals of sunflowers, daisies, and crocuses. The owner puts a clear plastic bag over the traditional white sugar-coated almonds for the upcoming wedding. Brides to get ready for confetti season

“Try it,” the seamstress told Giada Di Natale, 27, as she tried on a dress she had chosen more than a year ago for her engagement party. During which a traditional green confetti is served. She was supposed to get married on July 18, 2020, but was forced to postpone her wedding date until the same later this summer.

“Every morning, the first thing I do on the phone is type ‘news’ and ‘wedding,'” Ms Di Natale said last month. That search was more heartbreaking. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has called for “a little more patience” in a country where weddings have dropped markedly over the past several decades. And the birth rate is the lowest in Europe.

Ms. Di Natale said she and her fiancé had abandoned starting a family. And she lost weight during the year due to anxiety. Antonella Dalesandro, the shopkeeper where Ms. Di Natale tried on her dress, is a different story for many mother-of-the-brides. They are often asked to take off the dress after “Everyone is home,” said Ms D’Alessandro.

Finally, on May 17 of this year The Italian government took the leap and ruled that the wedding would return in June. With social restrictions, Di Natale said she immediately ordered red paper flowers at the Pelino factory to match her shoes.

The news was also warmly received in the town hall, where weddings are often celebrated in the council chambers, said Manuela Cozzi, the city’s top tourism official. “Naturally We put paper towels at each other.”

Daniela Napoleon, 38, self-proclaimed “Will be the Bride of 2020” awaits her bishop’s rendezvous outside Salmona’s cathedral. She and her boyfriend are 19 years old, with whom she has two children. Planning to get married in September They were supposed to have a ceremony last June.

“He finally proposed,” she said, “and the plague exploded.”

Her fiance, Alesio Fazi, 43, shrugged.

A priest named Domenico Villani led them into his office. which is decorated with a large glass jug full of confetti “I eat it all the time,” he said.

Napoleon said her relatives were in Naples, where paper confetti was very popular. Responded to the big news about her wedding plans by asking if there would be a paprika buffet corner with a variety of flavors and colors.

“One way or another,” she assured them. “They will be there.”

Father Villani said he did not celebrate the wedding. The number of religious weddings dropped from 24 in 2019 to five in 2020, but he also told couples there was no rush. He said the lockdown had given some couples who lived nearby to ponder whether marriage was a smart move.

“Not getting married can be a blessing too,” he said.

Salmona began cooking for wealthy families in the 1400s when nuns at the Santa Chiara Monastery. which is now a museum not far from the main square. Sweet Peas from the Abundant Almond Tree and turning it into a rosary, Confetti is more quickly associated with partying than gratitude.

At the wedding of Lucrezia Borgia in 1494, only Rome’s most beautiful women were invited—no husbands—according to the century historian James Dennistoun. 19th “Pope has presented a silver candy cup. outrageous fun was poured into their bosoms.”

The Vatican still holds a party with paper confetti. It’s a tradition that skilled producer Confetti Rapone says has helped to make up for the depressing wedding lockdown. The company reported that throughout the epidemic The bishops in the church hierarchy have ordered many confetti to blow to celebrate their ordination anniversary — silver confetti for 25th, gold for 50th.

Salmona has a history with the church. The temple is now a popular wedding venue. Built on the cave where Celestino V lived as a hermit after surrendering the papacy in the 13th century, the confetti shop is filled with photographs of John Paul II and Benedict XVI receiving exquisite parcels and candies. blessing

“The Pope is a glutton,” said Pelino, whose family has been making papier-mâché since 1783.

Even though business is down 90% in 2020, Pelino is still a big confetti game in town. Show your appreciation that ends up in a family business that is meant to make customers smile. Whether it’s a city man or a Qatari lord who graces his daughter’s wedding

“60,000 euros of confetti!” said Mr Pelino.

Along with the emerging optimism among candy makers here there is also bitter competition.

Art Nouveau Confetti Rapone decorated in delicious pastel pinks and blues. It explodes with a basket of flowers, confetti, and a jar of candies. The green glass door cabinet has a kaleidoscope of sweets. including confetti in the patented saffron flavor as well as grape, sherry, limoncello, whiskey and ginger candies for cleaning the palate between meat and fish courses at the reception.

“Our customers are a high market,” said Luigi Giammarco, 76, of the Rapone family, who has disdain for other Sulmona confectioners. “There is a Fiat 500 and there is a Ferrari.”

Signed on to the shop list among the pope, VIP customers, Pope’s chauffeur and George Clooney, who were here for months in 2010 filming The American, if the producers are to be believed. candy all over town Clooney uses almost all of the sugar coated almonds.

The Rapone family has declined wedding orders in recent weeks as they were knocked out until mid-October. In addition to the booming Vatican business Mr Giammarco also said that Wealthy lay customers kept the company busy during the pandemic. He said the rich continued to celebrate their weddings despite the restrictions, and they were happy.

“I mean, if they can escape to the Maldives. They can get married,” said his daughter Valeria Giammarco, 32, the 10th generation of the papa-making family.

She rolled the sample into her palm with a candy shovel. “Only the best raw materials No additives,” she said. “Carcinogens”

At the William Di Carlo confetti on the side of the road, Enrica Ricci said her products differ from others “that I won’t name.” “We care about quality.”

When asked if announcing a government wedding could help businesses, Francesco Di Carlo, a descendant of the company’s founder. start answering

“I can talk,” Richie stammered. and said that she received calls from her fiancées all over Italy. But the brand, which used to be the official candy of the former royal family of Italy. There is also a wide variety from weddings, engagements, communion. and other important moments in life, she said.

“These,” she said, offering the sugar-coated pistachios. “You can eat it with beer.”

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