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The White House closes a $ 1 trillion plan, focusing on pre-kind care, paid family leave.

While the details remain in liquidity, the newest White House plans are expected to call for about $ 1 trillion in new spending and about $ 500 billion of new tax credits, according to people aware of the internal debate. Which talks about the conditions of anonymity to discuss Personal consideration The assistant warns that the final details of the plan are not yet complete and that may change.

The measure is expected to be largely if not paid in full with new tax hikes centered on high-income Americans and wealthy investors. The details of those tax measures are not clear.

“President Biden has put forward the first part of his historic plan to invest in strengthening America’s economy and families, and he will summarize the second element of that proposal in the coming days.” Michael J. Gwin, a White, a House spokesperson, said in a statement, “The package details are still being finalized, so speculation about the final content is premature.”

The plan is expected to dedicate hundreds of billions of dollars to a new project that Biden highlighted during the presidential campaign and was in high demand by Democrats in Congress. While final figures are not set, the largest efforts are expected to focus on roughly $ 225 billion in childcare funding, $ 225 billion for families and $ 200 billion of medical leave for schooling. Universal preschool teaching Hundreds of billions of scholarship funds including tuition-free community colleges across the country. And other amounts for nutritional assistance, said people familiar with the matter.

As for the tax credit, including the extension of the child tax credit that was extended through 2025, the White House is set to reject pressure from several Democratic senators, including Sencher Rod Brown of Ohio and Michael. L F. Bennett of Colorado to permanently improve child benefit benefits The extended child tax credit, which offers families $ 3,600 per child and $ 3,000 per older child, was first approved in a $ 1.9 trillion relief plan and is due to expire at the end of the year.

Biden’s infrastructure plans and jobs will be funded by more than $ 2 trillion in tax hikes for companies.By contrast, as the Washington Post previously reported, tax hikes on family plans are expected to include high rates. Up for wealthy Americans and investors, in addition to law enforcement at the IRS, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig recently told Congress that the United States loses about $ 1 trillion in unpaid taxes every time. Most of the years are the result of tax evasion, especially among the wealthy and corporations.

According to the hiring plan, Biden’s spending plan will be one of the government’s most significant economic changes in decades. White House officials and Congress Democrats did not consider whether they would try to move jobs and infrastructure first, or integrate them with other proposed plans and try to pass both at the same time.

Republicans’ opposition to the White House’s newest plans may be steeper than the opposition so far that infrastructure proposals, the GOP tends to oppose tax hikes and spending provisions on the newest proposals, while the Republicans Republicans in Congress supported some of the physical infrastructure investments in the White House hiring plan.

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