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The White House coronavirus agency warns certain strains of Covid-19 ‘may develop into a contagious virus’.

“This autumn / winter tides have nearly doubled the number of cases as spring and summer skyrocket. This acceleration and epidemiological data point to the possibility that the COVID- Some 19 strains of the United States may have evolved into more infectious viruses, ”said a report submitted to the state dated Jan. 10 and obtained by CNN.

The report continued, “Because of this possibility and the presence of a UK variant that has already spread in our community and possibly 50% more transmission, we need to be prepared and reduce the transmission more rapidly. “

Last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fired a list of items included in the Jan. 3 agency̵

7;s report of the coronavirus. A spontaneous “breed in the United States”, a misunderstanding that began with a phone call with the governor, administrative officials told CNN.

But officials made it clear that US health officials had not identified the virus in the United States. It was discussed whether US health officials should investigate the presence of such variables and identify them. But so far, authorities have warned that the identity is not identified.

After the holiday season and inconclusive reports, the report states that the US has now seen “A clear continuation of the high pre-holiday prevalence rates as measured by positive test results, increased number of patients, increased hospital admissions and mortality.” On the rise “

The report states that The “complete recovery” of the virus is spread in “Almost all areas in the big city” by calling for “Proactive action”, the agency identified measures, including the use of masks that “Two or three layers and well suited,” “rigid physical spacing” and more aggressive testing for young people.

This week’s report raised concerns about “Continued significant deterioration from California throughout the Sunbelt and up to the southeast, mid-Atlantic and northeast” is essentially the entire Americas.

And while the country has delayed vaccination, the agency stressed the need to “put (vaccine) in arms”, noting that “vigorous and aggressive vaccination in the face of this tide will help.” Can life. ”

Rhode Island was the state with the most new cases per 100,000 population this week, followed by Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Utah, California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Arkansas and North Carolina in the United States. Top 10

Oklahoma had the highest positive test rates this week of more than 25.1%, followed by Utah, Nevada, Virginia, Arizona, Idaho, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Texas, all of which had a positive test rate of between 20.1. % To 25.0%.

Arizona has the highest number of hospital admissions per 100 inpatient beds, followed by Arkansas, Maryland, Georgia, Oklahoma, California, South Carolina, Kentucky, District of Columbia and Alabama.

And Rhode Island had the highest number of new deaths per 100,000 population, followed by Rhode Island, Arizona, West Virginia, Tennessee, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Kansas, Connecticut and Michigan.

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