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The White House releases a Trump administration’s plan to combat China.

On Wednesday, the White House released a 10-page document outlining the Trump administration’s 2018 strategy to counter China, highlighting India’s role as a new ally in Asia.

There are few surprises in the document, outlining plans to support the alliance and increase nearby economic and anti-espionage efforts.

But US-India cooperation is outstanding in the assessment.

“A strong India, together with like-minded nations, will act to counterbalance China,” it said.

“China aims to break up alliances and cooperation of the US in the region. China will take advantage of the vacuum and opportunities created by these dwindling bonds. ”

The White House National Security Council report said the United States would “[a]I̵

7;m going to build a rectangular security framework with India, Japan, Australia and the United States at the heart. ”

Trump’s White House released documents a week before elected President Joe Biden took office. Critics have accused Biden of being an innocent figure of the past during China’s growth, especially on trade policy.

President Trump initially instilled a warm personal relationship with China’s President Xi Jinping. But the bond stems from a trade war that aims to force a deal to reform China’s economic policy. Trump last year allowed sanctions on Chinese officials to rid Hong Kong’s political independence and hurt the Uighur Muslim minority. He also vowed to economically “separate” the US and China in response to the scam in the initial COVID-19 data.

Unlike Trump as President-elect, Biden hasn’t spoken to Taiwan’s president since he won the election.

Trump visited India in February and in 2019 hosted a “Howdy, Modi!” Rally in Houston, where 50,000 Indian Americans welcomed the visit of Indian Prime Minister Rendramody.

The strategic document says the United States will try[a]Accelerate India’s rise and capability to become a key security network operator and defense partner. It strengthens a sustained strategic partnership with India, with the support of a strong Indian Army capable of cooperating with the United States and our allies in the region to effectively deal with their mutual interests.

India - Kashmir - UNREST

Indian soldiers escort during gunfights between terrorist suspects and government security forces at Lawaypora on the outskirts of Srinagar.

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The Chinese Navy model includes the Liaoning aircraft carrier (center) during military exercises in the South China Sea.

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The man who “behaves erratic” on the Manhattan subway …

The document states that the US should “[p]Indian Artist on Cybersecurity and Space and Marine Domain Awareness [and] [e]xpand US-India intelligence sharing and analytical exchanges “

The vision of promoting India also gives rise to “[w]ork[ing] With India and Japan to assist in funding projects that enhance regional connectivity between India and the countries of the region. ”

Even though such a strategy is outdated. But underscore other traditional US priorities, such as defending Taiwan’s de facto independence from China and persuading North Korea to stop using nuclear weapons. Since the paperwork was drawn up, the Trump administration has run a hugely successful campaign to discourage allies from using Chinese telecoms company Huawei for 5G infrastructure due to spying concerns.

The document states that the US should “[e]It has the capability of Taiwan to develop effective asymmetric defense strategies and capacities that will ensure safety, freedom from coercion, flexibility and the ability to engage with China on its terms. “

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