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The White House rules prohibit participation in ‘Vaccine passport’

White House news agency Jen PsakiJen Psaki of The Money: Manchin says he will not support a corporate tax hike to 28 percent | Easter Bunny Election Paid Visit White House Briefing Room More On Tuesday it decided that the Biden management would play a role in the system. The “vaccine passport”, as the Republican governor, in particular halted this idea.

“The government is not at the moment, and we are supporting a system that requires Americans to have credentials, there is no federal immunization database, and there is no federal directive that requires everyone to obtain a certificate of injection. One vaccine, “Psaki told reporters at a briefing.

The White House is clear that it will defer to private companies if they want to use a certain type of vaccine passport system in which individuals will have to provide evidence that they have received one of the coronavirus images.

“Our attention is very easy from the federal government that the privacy and rights of Americans should be protected so that these systems are not applied unfairly to people,”

; Psaki said.

The federal government will make privacy recommendations related to the coronavirus vaccine, Psaki said, although she did not specify a timeline.

The talk about vaccine passports has sparked a push back among conservatives that raised concerns about the potential government abuse that discriminates against Americans who choose to. Not getting vaccinated and violating their privacy rights.

On Monday, Texas government Greg Abbott (R) issued an executive order banning vaccine passports, saying the COVID-19 vaccine tracking system violates citizens’ rights.

“The government should not require Texas to provide evidence of vaccination and disclose personal health information for their daily life,” Abbott said in a statement.

Abbott’s statement came after Florida Gov. Ron de santisFlorida Mayor Ron DeSantis called a ’60-minute report’ on the state’s release of the vaccine ‘deliberately false.’ Additional vaccine passports are not required. (R) has vowed to take administrative action to prevent companies from requiring vaccine passports before serving customers.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization warned that using a vaccine passport may not be an effective way to reopen global travel, claiming that there is no vaccine in some parts of the world.

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