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The winner of the Miss Sri Lanka pageant was injured in the head due to the crown melee.

It was not the highest point she was looking for.

The beauty pageant won the title of Miss Sri Lanka over the past weekend, ending up in hospital with a head wound after Mrs. World tore off the crown to present to the runner-up.

The ugly stage frenzy came after the Pushpika decilva contestant won a prize at the Colombo Theater on Sunday night, according to the Time 24 News store.

Mrs. World Caroline Jurie, who is from Sri Lanka and at the event, suddenly leaps onto the stage and grabs a microphone, claiming that Decilva was actually divorced and therefore disqualified from her tenure.

“There are rules that prevent married and divorced women, so I am working to get the crown to the second place,”

; Jurie told the shocked crowd.

Jurie then tore the golden crown from Decilva’s head and placed it on top of the runner, causing tears and chaos, the store said.

De Silva had to be hospitalized for sustaining head injuries from her crown being torn apart, as well as injuries, Time24 said, citing local newspapers.

The contestants later posted photos of herself in a hospital bed on her Facebook page, while denying she was not divorced.

“The pain in my skull when my crown was pulled from my head by a married beauty queen, the pain I felt when I lost my crown…” De Silva wrote.

“I say that the real queen is not a woman who takes another woman’s crown. But a woman who [helps straighten] Another woman’s crown !!

“I know you expect my response to the unexpected that has happened. Even though I have a lot to say But I’m going to post only what’s needed here, ” said Decilva.

She admitted that she and her husband were apart. But insisted that “I’m not a divorced woman”

She was once again announced as an official winner, according to Newsfirst.

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