It’s strange that after a year of both video conferencing apps and the rapidly growing Chromebooks, the official Zoom app for Chrome and Chrome OS still has issues. Users often complain of missing and relatively simple features such as contact list display and direct message start. Or the ability to make a call to a VOIP Zoom phone. Hear your frustration. and is planning to launch a new Progressive Web App this week.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a more complex form of a standard website that is “installed”

; as an app. It’s essentially a laudable bookmark, but PWAs have come a long way in a short time. Almost all web services that Google offers, including Docs and Meet, are offered as PWAs.

The Zoom development team is pushing for updated web functionality to completely replace the outdated Chrome apps in the Chrome Web Store. In a blog post, the company announced that PWA will include the advanced capabilities of the standalone Zoom program. at least partially Especially the ability for participants to join small group rooms. request remote control Create and open polls and Q&A sessions and enable them or Disable video reception

There are even more features planned for the addition of PWAs later this year and the requirement that users have to use newer versions of Chrome. The web version will lack some of the advanced features seen in the Zoom app for Windows and Mac, or even the mobile version, but it’s a good start. Expect to see the Zoom PWA starting Tuesday, June 29.